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Is this the end of Thor?

With boosts being refunded do you think players will put them back on Thor? My Thor is my only level 30 creature but I’m not planning on putting boosts back on him. Of course this depends on the balancing and how the dino teams are done. I am hoping they change the speed boost to 1 per tier with a max of ten tiers. Even 1 per tier with fifteen or twenty tiers would be an improvement.

I doubt it would be the official end for Thor. He may not be able to be in teams who are in the beach but I am sure that you can still see Thors in Aviary - Depot.

This is one question I’m intrigued to see answered. We’ll just have to wait and see I guess.

I don’t think it will be the end, but those that are boost locked in it and want to replace it with something better will probably replace it after reset.
Probably a reduction.

I’m gonna max boost my thor after reset. :wink:


I doubt it. Some people might decide to invest in a better dino, others will continue to use Thor as long as it’s in the game.

Plus, there’s always the co-op mode - give Thor a powerful enough special ability, and watch everyone pour the boosts right back on. Bonus points if co-op doesn’t require as much strategy as we’re all hoping for.

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Baffles me how people use Thor over tenontorex. Both pretty easy to level.


Can we have at least the end of droppers in arena ?
Shores is still awful atm

If tenontorex gets stun immunity then it might be

Speed boosts were added to try and prevent speed ties if one is to believe that it wasn’t just for the money. When boosts were first launched they were equally as useful as any other boost and we had Thor and TRex at speeds in excess of the raptors. Exactly what Ludia said we would have!

Hence the first reset and change and speed boosts became less useful. Again in 2.0, and they still persist in ruining any balance in the arena. Inevitable really, and while they exist we will never have balance. But without them we will have speed ties if there is only ever going to be a select few viable end game dinos.

So surely the answer is to create way more end game dinos so that players will not rely on the same dozen or so dinos throughout the game. Less op dinos, more balance, no speed boosts, less speed ties.

Ultimately I hope we will see less Thor’s, less Indoraptor gen2, less Yoshi, less Gemini, and more dinos that we haven’t seen much of because they are now relevant.

Sadly I doubt it though


Possibly. Not entirely, Thor is overrated but not horrible. I’d also say dracocera will take a major hit too since people still have their crazy nitro mega attack dracos right now

Because thor is really easy to level, many newer players dump boosts onto it as it’s probably one of their best creatures. I do not think so

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End of Thora? No. Players will still use it because it gave them many wins.

With the reset and potential rebalance, Thora could be viable again. Or some players will just reset their Thora to be maxxed damage or higher speed. Higher crit than Tenoto but 1 dimensional against IndoR G2 and Magna.

I think draco is going to have a hybrid.

How could we guess??? Nobody has any clue what Ludia has in mind, balancing wise! But let say they do nothing to any dinos… Nobody would be fool enough to re-invest boosts in Thor (mid Apex) since everybody has a high level Ardentismaxima (was sooo easy to make) waiting to be boosted (unless you’re one of the 49 out of 50 top players who has already boosted theirs). Most of the boosts from Thor, Teton, Utarinex, Indoraptor and many other dinos could go to high tyrant (but most players who have them are low level because they are harder to get) but sure enough, by now, everybody has a high level Ardentismaxima just waiting to be boosted (and it happend to be a good counter to Thor). So, based on current dino status, Thor would be totally gone, and 98% of the teams would have a highly boosted Ardentismaxima. Once again, we don’t know what Ludia will do, but sure enough, they will have to be very careful with balancing dinos… (I think they will make it shine again though)

149 speed Thor go outspeed entire team

133 speed Thor go CHOMP!!

I want Lydia to implement some kind of level cap for each Arena.

Anything over five 5000 is free game.
4500-4999 level 25 max.
4000-4499 level 23 max.
3999-0 level 21 max.


Hopefully yes it will be the end of Thor -
Reality no it won’t be because people don’t have the imagination to try new dinos that are alot better.

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If they won’t change Thor, then expect nitro Thors minutes after update. That give players easy wins at start and force others to build team to counter nitro Thors.