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Is this the most balanced arena has been?

Patch 2.1 wasn’t perfect by any means (yesterday was an absolute mess in terms of deployment, patch notes discrepancies, and bugs) but as those are being fixed over the next couple of days, I’ve been thinking: is this the most balanced the arena has been in a long time?

With Maxima nerfed (a bit too hard) and a few other creatures re-balanced, there doesn’t seem to be anything that is blatantly overpowered. There are still a lot of strong creatures (Tryko, Tenrex, Magna, Pho, etc.) but I don’t see anything currently that is actually over-powered. Maybe some things will come into the meta, but for now it appears we may finally have an arena meta that is free from broken monsters.

(Note I say this in terms of arena from high library to shores. Obviously below that Nitro Thors and anything with lots of boosts will be strong.)

The arena isn’t perfectly balanced, not by a long shot, but it feels better than it has in months.


1.0: allow me to introduce myself


What?? The raptor meta was balanced? You mean as long as you and your opponent both had all 8 slots filled with them then it was just down to who played them in the right order?

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It’s better than 2.0
I no longer know whether I’ve won or not on the hand that I’ve been dealt.


I don’t think anything is supremely overpowered right now now that max and tryko have been put where they should be, so that’s a plus. Even Gem and phoru can be dealt with easily.


Phora could just just -100 but I have to agree every is mostly balanced… except for boosts

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Magna and Tenrex are fine, they weren’t unbalanced at all in skill tournaments. Phoru isn’t OP in the end game, just in legendary tournaments. Tryko i don’t know If it’s balanced, but i don’t like the direction of the nerf. It seems too frail with just 4200 HP but at the same time It has a move that cleanses distraction, which is a bit problematic on a chomper. They should have addressed the resilient impact problem and left the counter as It was. They could have traded resilient impact for slowing impact(even a precise or raking version of It) and then buffed it’s HP to 4400 or 4500 as compensation. Even in the past skill tournament while It still had the resilient counter It wasn’t really remarkable. Right now It feels like the weakest link on my team, It can’t really deal with anything very well anymore. Maxima was nerfed too hard, It needs a small buff, something like 10% armor, return TSR’s cooldown to 1 and a bit more HP, about 5500-5700. Not much to ask. From my arena experience at least.

As for the arena being balanced or not it’s really hard to tell since we constantly fight boosted dinos in different ways. The best way to tell will be the next skill unique tournament. People were saying the last one was pretty balanced despite the previously OP maxima.


I think the best way to balance phor is to reduce the speed to 124 or 126. The problem is that post kill it can just run away from its counters.

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The next skilled tourney, by definition, will not tell us if the arena is balanced because it is, literally, not the arena. As I also said, I’m basing my statement off of High arena 5500+ where most people have a lot of boosts. Based on that, I think this is the most balanced the arena has been in a long time.

I have no idea if the next unique skill tourney will be balanced, but in terms of this post concerning the arena, it’s meaningless.

Well, the tournament is a way to tell If the dinos themselves are balanced, the arena itself may never be balanced even If all the dinos are balanced because of the many boost builds, overboosting or lack of boosts we may encounter.
Still, friendly battles and skill tournaments are a good criteria to measure balance on dinos. Perhaps the best we have.

That could work or just get rid of immune to swap prevention

Yeah so far this is feeling like it just might be the most balanced meta so far…

First thing I did after playing a few matches was drop thyla… experimented with draco cause he’s higher leveled but eventually went with zorion.

On top of the best balanced meta Ludia fixed dig in and ii with in 24 hours of breaking them.

That’s unlimited rewards on spinning type fast

My guess is that gemini now has an even better moveset than ardentis did in 2.0…which will be the next target for boosts and whale teams. Everything else looks pretty solid in the grand scheme of things, but we’ll have to see how the new hybrids and apex creatures shake out.

It’s not just boost builds though some things scale significantly better with higher stats those extra 4 levels provide and it makes a huge difference. We might never see what end game balance without boosts really is because of this.

There is a reason why clash royale has 2 metas tournament standard “level 9” and ladder which is level 13. I also don’t think it’s coincidence that Ludia made their friendly/tournament lvl and max lvl a similar 4 level gap. When they were “borrowing” everything else wish they would have borrowed the whole grand challenges system which makes tournament standards meta an important part of the game.

It’s like og meg back in the day at creation level it was pretty garbage but you give it 4-5 levels and it was an entirely different animal. We don’t see the differences a few levels can make anymore cause the time something hits 26 it’s normally boosted or fights boosted things.