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Is this the worst deck I've ever done


I dropped down from lockdown and I’m still falling down, can someone give me an idea of my new deck pls


You’re doing the best with what you’ve got.
Don’t beat yourself up. :+1:t4:

(Baryonyx for amargocephalus ??)


I rise and fall 200-300 trophies on a daily basis. Your team will get better, and you’ll eventually win more than you lose. Just keep hunting for DNA and the wins will come.

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And get pyro this weekend!


I would throw in Ankylosaurus, probably in place of T-Rex… Ankylo is a very annoying creature and holds its ground well. T-Rex is way too slow and very rarely has a chance to deliver a second blow.

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I’d take out the t rex, stego, and pteranodon and put in ankylocodon (immunity), stygimoloch (bloody fast + stun) and alanqa because it’s a good one to swap in especially if you’re about to get 1-shotted by a raptor. Personal preference though.


I got Pyro alraedy


Pyro for pyrritator


Of, I don’t have irritator level 15


The event dino this weekend. You can level yours up a bit. Also, T Rex isnt a bad option at your level. If you could level it up to 15, that puts you in line for indom.


I didn’t needed to level up any dino


Ok. I’m talking about the long game.


Oh, I was talking about the event that just popped up


Level up your pyro. Go all in for it this weekend.


Allright, I’ll catch Pyroraptor

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Switch Steggie with Alanqua