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Is this the worst meta ever?


I think so. Heavy RNG. No variety. No way to be competitive without playing the same 5 or 6 dinos everyone has…

Boring. Repetitive. Worst of all, neither fun nor engaging.

Definition of latest update - Can we already describe meta 1.7?

Do you really hate it more then the tank meta? Because I remember you being a big fan of that one.


Yes, I do - which is indeed saying something.


I think in Ludia current state no meta is gonna be completely engaging to be fair… rng will always be there. Tyrant tier dinos that everyone has to have to compete also seems to a thing thier in love with.

Sprinkle in a few flavor of the patch dinos… we dont even get flavor of the month, here its flavor of the patch cycle.

This patchs flavor is dracocera. Next we might be going with the catch of the patch.

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I copy this user who wrote on Reddit.

It’s not just purrolyth that is useless. A large majority of dinos are completely unusable at high levels. Majunga line is beyond useless. Gyprolyth is underwhelming, all the Heavy tanks are completely irrelevant to the metagame, unless they are extremely overleveled, 99%+ of the top tier dinosaurs rely almost entirely on getting lucky (cloak dodges, 60% stun chance, 30-40% Crit percentage. Without those, there isn’t much the underwhelming dinos without those things can do to keep up. Nullifying is an attempt, but most nulifiers are made of paper mache and don’t stand up against the 30%crit titans who can just crit 1 shot them. Most immunity dinos are terribad, or very low HP totals, making them chomp bait.

The whole meta is bad. Not just “Dracocera is too good” the whole arena sucks as you get past 3500 trophys because it’s mostly luck if you win or loose. Will you face a full team of level 26 dinos? Will they have full uniques 4 levels higher than your highest? Will you get any of the few uniques you have? Will it pick every dino you have below level 20, and every opponents dino over 22? Will all their stun and crits land while yours dont? This is the metagame.

It’s pure luck, and the constant losing streaks make the whole arena very un-enjoyable. Honestly it’s a pain in the ass to get incubators each day knowing you could be facing up to 16 losses in a row before you finally get a victory.

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The RNG isn’t so bad. At least it keeps things interesting by having a random element. But it is the same 5 or 6 dinosaurs because they are the ones perceived as the best of the best so everyone wants it. Unless things change to make other dinosaurs as good or at least as useful that won’t change.


I disagree with this. Almost everything I face is RNG dependent. Crits, dodges, and stuns.


Yes and if it was up to me damage would be a random result as well. Randomness keeps things interesting.

But I do come from a TT RPG and wargaming background where randomness is required.


This is a HUGE fail.

We have 140+ dinos to use!

Make more dinos better!

And, I still haven’t seen or battled any of the new uniqes or legends from last update.


Rng doesnt just spice things up though it automatically can determine matches and it gets ridiculous.

Yesterday i had a streak where my thor crit and hit through cloak and evasive 9 times… i won 9 of my 12 battles. Today it was my turn and i failed cloak and evasive often both in 6 consecutive matches all loses. But my daily incubator was finished and so was I.

Rng isnt spicing up anything in the way the meta is right now its reducing the game to a series of coin tosses.

Like i might as well just pick my team and let the ai go out and fight with them and see how we did at the end of the day. Thats how interactive the battle system feels at times.

And Im a general fan of rng.


I too like some randomness, but this? Too much.


I fully agree. Most dinosaurs are either introductory low level fodder or DNA farms for better hybrids. All dinosaurs should be in someway viable.


This is where I wish they could add rarity specific arenas where only certain rarities can battle so there is a way we can play a lot more of our dinosaurs.


Or at least make tournaments work like that now and again.

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I would also perfer damage do be dealt on a scale… because that kind of rng makes the game less predictable. Two indos seeing who can hit through evasive first is really just a bore to me.

I play ccgs… tons of them over the years. Paper like mtg and electronic like hearthstone,shadowverse, elder scrolls legends, eternal. The eccg all have varying degrees of rng in some it lends to the strategy of the game in others it takes away from it. Hearthstone is by far the worse where you can make multiple miss plays and yet still win cause of rng. This games rng is like that… where you can play a worse game then your opponent make multiple mistakes and still win if rng is on your side.


This is easy to be fixed, but Ludia doesn’t seem to know how to make powerful dinos without a huge amount of RNG involved. Always dodges, high percent crits and stuns working or not… Of course, RNG is part of any game of this sort, but not this much… Some players defend these moves, saying it’s what makes things interesting and unpredictable, but that’s a lame excuse, not true at all… I’ve had many battles in the past where moves chosen and planned swaps (no Dracos involved) were enough to make awesome matches. Unfortunately this is extremely rare in meta, because we usually have one of those RNGsaurs in the middle.

A player’s skill should matter more than RNG, but that’s not what happens in this game.


It is true. It stops every battle being totally predictable.

Yes, I agree, however, a big part of player skill is how you handle the unexpected whether be something random, an unexpected dinosaur, or the random chance of a critical hit. What JWA needs is a bit of both without relying too heavily on one or the other.

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I like those rare matches where no cloaking or evasive dinos are involved like my fights against a tryco where I am trying to get through the instant distraction and shields with my biggest hit and sit trying to predict what move my opponent is going to make.

Dracoceratops is always fun. After they get me that first time and manage to get that cheap shot out, I can predict when they will throw it in again and swap on them. Those are fun ones too especially when I turn around and beat them 3 to 1.

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But as I’ve said a battle can be unpredictable without those. Especially the stupid dodges.


They dont care right now, this game (somehow) is the 6th top grossing app in the store.

Wait till that number falls to 3 digits, which it will shortly, and watch them scramble and panic with an influx of balance, fixes and actual new content.

Any bets? :thinking: