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Is this trade worth it?


I’m debating whether or not to accept this
trade. Suprannotitan is one of my favourite hybrids, but at the same time, it costs 11000 loyalty points and want to evolve a jurassic VIP to 20, since my 10s are starting to fall behind, so i’m waiting on a 20k pack that gives me a jurassic vip i already have. I’m not interested in the currently available Eudimorphodon 20k pack though.

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I would pass personally.


Something that is making me consider it, is that when i fuse Suprannotitan myself, i’ll be able to get to 20 straight away, so it’s basicly saving DNA.

Looking up the DNA cost on the Fandom wiki, it would cost you 11,820 in DNA to buy once you unlock it. Of course, you can get that on discount (up to 20% off for VIP but at least 15%) so really it’d be even less.

From what I’ve seen, the trades offering dinos for Loyalty Points (or DBs) are rarely good in terms of relative value. The LPs seem to have a trade value of at least twice that of DNA, but almost all the dino ones I see for them are 1:1 or close to it, so you’d essentially be paying over twice what the DNA cost would be for it. Which isn’t that surprising, the trader knows people are likely to pay a premium for a dinosaur they want.

If you really want to make sure you can get to level 20 right away when you unlock him, just make sure you have that much DNA stashed up when you are getting close. At most you’d have to wait a week if you want to use the discount.

The only reason I have thought about taking any of the LP -> dino trades is if it will unlock a badge for me. Which ironically, is one that is staring me in the face as I type this, the trader is offering me Doedicurus, the fairly new super rare cavern. I’ve not found one yet, and he would complete a badge for me. but again, the cost is 1:1 in loyalty points, and he’s not going to add much to my lineups otherwise. But it’s only 2K worth of points for me so I’m definitely tempted. If I was close to unlocking the next size of the badge beacon I probably would get it, but I just moved up so have a LONG way to go now which most the remaining ones being hybrids and tournies that will take me a long time to collect. So probably will pass on him.

That’s ironic you are having to save up to make sure you get a VIP you already have. I seem to ONLY get ones I already have all the time, it’s starting to get frustrating that I have as many as 4 of some VIPs (as well as 2 and 3 of others), but at least half of the ones in the pack I don’t have at ALL yet. I’m holding off myself though on leveling up any of them to level 11, let alone 20, I haven’t even bumped them up to level 11 as the jump in stats is quite large and so I’m waiting until I have enough to make at least 2 of each that I level up and get more of my legendaries up to level 31+ as well.

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Now that i’m not “in the moment” i’m less tempted. I’m actually pretty close to unlocking him myself anyway. And if accept this now but the next 20k vip pack does give me a jurassic i can evolve, i’ll regret it.


Im desperate for Doedicurus - I have 2 more to get to make a level 40 to then make a hybrid. Ive been playing over a year and have only received 5 of these in that time. He might not add much to your line up but when the time comes to make hybrids, he will be very useful

Id snap it up

Oh didn’t realize he was used for a hybrid… oh well too late now.

VIP points are way too valuable to spend on this kind of a hybrid. I personally would never trade 11k VIPs for any hybrid, not even a Gorgosuchus or metriaphodon. Net 8700 VIPs (10,000 - 1300 rebate for VIP members, 650 rebate for non) gets you a random VIP dino plus whatever else comes with the pack. Rinse and repeat, and you slowly but surely build up an excellent squad of strong dinos that not only hatch quickly (5.5 hrs with speed up at 38 mins left, roughly) but also recover faster than equivalent hybrids. Just my 2 cents.


I agree with the majority here. Not worth it. Suprannotitan is a good hybrid, but save loyalty points for VIP creatures. You can always use DNA to get Suprannotitan, but loyalty points are the only way to get VIP creatures.

Until you get to the very topmost levels of the endgame, VIP creatures are superior to hybrids: faster cool-down, roughly equivalent stats (like I said, until you get to the very endgame and start dealing with creatures like Metriaphodon and Pachygalosaurus), faster hatch and evolve time. I’d sooner pay 10k for a random VIP (even if it’s one I already have) then 11k for a hybrid I can make with DNA.

My two cents. But end of the day, it’s your game, your island: do what makes you happy. If a player thinks it’d be fun to max out the paddocks of all the common creatures and is willing to trade valuable currency for it, if it makes that player happy, hey, no reason not to. There are no hard-and-fast “rules” to this game except to make you happy playing with your dinosaurs.


Well out, Han. The VIP dinos at level 40 align pretty close to the indoraptor 10, so if one likes to battle, that would be a nice cap so that opponents don’t get ridiculous. Even an indoraptor 20 seems ok, although I now only have one, not sure if things start going really berserk (not the MOD) once I get a second or third. Hence Tommi’s painful dilemma of selling his top 4 dinos just to gain some in-game sanity. On the other hand, if one decides to go full collector mode, then the heck with ferocity and ridiculous matchups. Just collect and level up to your heart’s delight.