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Is this update taking longer than the others or is it my impression?


because when it was announced version 1.4 I did not notice the delay of being released, but this 1.7 version I really feel that it is taking too long


It’s fine. It will come soon. Apparently people wanted the patch notes to come earlier, because hybrid ingredients could be gathered in advance


Just wait. It would be here very soon

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As per previous post and my positive thoughts… I give up


@Tuophysis this.

Community wanted the patchnotes early, so noone has to hold back coins and dna for soooo long.
Hoping for “soon, very soon”, but next week sounds like a good bet too.


It’s not even wednesday my dude! Have patience, it may be here tomorrow.


It won’t be here tomorrow. They release the scheduled maintenance warning the day before


Idk how this isn’t a known thing by now. they do it every tournament reset and every update. When u see the scheduled maintenance warning, u know the update is coming the next day. Simple as that

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For as long as I can remember…

Community: please give us patch notes asap so why arent waiting to level our dinos for fear of nerfs.

Ludia: here are 1.7 patch notes.

Community: omg what is taking the update so long to get here we dont understand we always got patches shortly after patch notes.


We can wait so long for 1.7. Why can’t we wait a couple days?
Be patient people! :roll_eyes:

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I don’t like 1.6. To my surprise 1.7 seems better. So naturally I want the update more than usual.


Just go round a really long corner and then the maintenance reminder will appear

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Until we saw that almost all of the new hybrids will need dna that is either arena exclusive or reward only :joy:


Like we didn’t already have enough threads on this OP??
If you want the notes early, then you gotta wait a little before the patch goes live.
If you want the patch quickly, you’ll have to sacrifice the advanced notice.
Not a terribly hard concept …




Well technically thats an advantage as well… post patch bary g2 might not be quite so common in incs… cause he is still showing up kore frequently then irritator for me.

As for the bright side we seem to have recieved advanced warning on the rinex nerf.