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Is this what we get as a compensation?

I’m not sure if this is just super weird timing or whatever, but is this Ludia’s idea of a compensation? Are we getting one at all? I’m wondering since this whole situation hasn’t had very much light shed on it, although the offer timing might just be a coincidence.

Not compensation, it is a sale

I know, but I just find it odd it never popped up until now when everything is having problems. Might just be me though.

Just popped for everyone. It was planned. Egg pack over Easter weekend…

Probably worst offer ever. Gold and Fish are literally uselss resources after ~level20, unless you are already a heavy donater. Eggs are even more uselss now that they’ve made 10egg hatches a fixed 1s and made color hatches literally a waste of resources - costing not only a scale, but also 15 eggs…
And 1500 runes… I dunno. Drop it to 10$ and maybe that’s an offer. Or, on the other hand, up it to 2000-2500. But I wouldn’t buy it either way. My idea of a donation for a mobile game is 5$ if the game is absolutely perfect and that is just a reward for the devs. Otherwise there are far better markets…

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Fish is by far the most valuable resource late 20’s onward. I constantly have Max gold, always needing fish. Balancing a 100/100 roster. I donno why everyone is mad about using scales, you can’t use em late in the game without duplicate dragons so they kinda just pile up, I got over 200 1 star scales of each color. Guaranteeing a 2 star made even at the cost of 15 eggs vs 10 eggs helped fish consumption, and I level dragons slightly faster. I welcome that change

The Toothless reset with runes glitch is probably caused by thee easter bunny’s multiplication issue. It appears that the # of runes you loose is equal to the the cost of Toothless reset X10. I just tried when the reset was only 2 minutes till free and lost 20 runes, no big deal 20 is a small number

I don’t know what you mean by “late in the game” — you need both scales and duplicate dragons to progress beyond middling 4000 power. The hatchery changes mean choosing between hatching decent dragon fodder OR having enough scales to train to next stars, which is a ridiculous conundrum — the whole point of leveling is to get to be able to train to the next star level.

For instance, I’ve got a Revenger just waiting to go to 4 stars but because I’ve got a decent roster with a couple other strong greens, the only thing holding the Revenger back is that I’m short on 1* scales. Not going to spend them on hatching 2* dragons instead.