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Is thor or utinarex better?

This is my team. I’m not sure whether to replace thor with utinarex cuz i know utinarex is better, but thor is my only real chomper through shields with stun. indom is my damage output but doesnt really bresak thru shield. i almost have the gold to get indom to 26, then im gonna focus on tryko. tryo is going to go to 23, then focus on magna more. I have a gemeni with like 6,000 hp but everything else is level 21 stats. im considering bringing back magna, but idk. i also have a level 20 thyla with 133 speed, a level 20 draco, a 22 tryo and a level 21 orion. im considering bringing back my 22 maxima, any ideas

first one is indom, second one is magna. im also currently fusing mammolania.

should i replace any dinos with maxima or utinarex. i use thor cuz it breaks shield and stuns, but rinex also stuns.

What dino in the arena gives you the most trouble rn?

thor and molonmetradon.

Utahtinex does fast heavy damage. Its good for the arena. It can distract and stun. Thor is slow but does big damage. It can shatter, its good for raids and the arena, it can stun and its crit chance is 20% higher than rinex

Do you have spare boosts at all? Unboosted rinex and magna are pretty bad but thor is ok with boosts rinex and magna shine

ok, so they are both good. so should i replace it with something else. orion might not be so good right now

@IronCaptain i have one speed boost and a hp boost left. . magna is my main focus on boosts rn. without boosts, should i leave rinex for now and come back to it later

Without boosts you are better off with thor and come back to it later base rinex gets killed so fast since everything will be faster literally just fought a 129 thor and 131 dentis and with only 2800 hp anything kills it base thor is not bad though I run a base orion because it has its nice niche where I can swap it in and destroy a certain few matchups like indos or dioraja or erlidom/indom

I used to have orion but the problem is its damage is kinda low. Yes its tactical, but with all the shattering and resilient move around it started weighing ne down. So I replaced it with thor. Although thir dose have many boosts in it right now it still does pretty good

both are good. i would look at what you want as a dream team. Thor is a precursor to Mortem and both shine in this metta due to resilient and resilient fierce creatures punishing the majority of cunning creatures. Rinex can also do a number on reslients before going down and punishes thor and mortem pretty well.

thor would be much easier to keep leveled than rinex due to draco being exclusive at 500 a fuse.

Rhinex is better. If you have thor/monolometrodon problems, rhinex is better. The only downside is dracorex is exclusive

Base rinex is gonna be a liability vs avairy thors and monometrodons they will all be faster and all be able to one shot it if he can feed it resources it will be great but rn thor is a better choice

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ok, so i will keep thor, but should i replace orion with maxima @ElEduardo @Qiew @The_blaze. right now my team seems good, but orion is kinda bad, kinda ok. t really is just about stalling to get another rampage off

If you aren’t too attached to tryos I would consider replacing him with max and running both

ok, i’ll try that and focus tryo on raids. thanks for all the feedback

There are very few dinos that can flip a PvP match the way Rinex can with that Rampage and run but the dinos that wreck Rinex Thor dominates. It really comes down to your play style

ok, thx. that actually helps a lot. rinex seems to go very well with draco