Is thor usable at 21?

Only seen him twice. I say he is, really want him some day!!!


Saw someone say he’s a waste of allosino dna. I’m working on him now but I’m thinking I probably should’ve just leveled allosino . Who knows. I always immediately regret whatever I do level though. My level 24 mimus is proof of that. Looks cool though and I’ve gotta save them all.

Just watched the video…0% armor?!? Dude that’s trash. I don’t see how that adds anything to allosino? All 40% crit means is that it’s still worse than a coin flip.

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I like its speed. Good counter to tryko. Stego as well.

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yeah… looks like it all depends on what you want to use it for… its speed will never be good for speedsters as far as instant charge applies but like wrothgar said, its good against stego tryko where allison is slower against. so i guess thats a better trade then 15% armor.


it would be hard for me to decide what to replace on my team though.

i wish it was immune

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I wish this about all of my dinos

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Its one of two dinos tmin the game that can beat tryko… that puts it in the company of one other dino that cam beat tryko straight up.

This alone means its far from trash.


It’s speed beats Tryko, but I’ve taken a level 21 Thor with my level 21 Tryko because I predicted his DSR and instant distracted it. At the same level there’s still a good chance Tryko can take him out with some some outplay.