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Is thyla good in the arena?

Been wondering if thyla is endgame worthy. It does really well in tournaments with epic hybrid involved. So maybe it is a good investment even for the arena team? I think there are top players use it as well?

Very versatile, would definitely recommend.

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I would say not end game worthy. But definitively one of the best dino to fill a spot without any boosts, until you want to replace it with a recent acquisitions for which you kept your boosts for. Otherwise, even if it’s not end game material, the good news is that it’s still very good even if you only boosts it slightly So, if boosts are not coming in easy for a player, then I would say it’s a great dino, since this means that you can have more boosts for your other 7 dinos

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i run it level 22 with 3 health boosts, pretty dang good if i get fair matchmaking.

thats not very often though

it definately can be would even better if they didnt seroid up thor to have bleed resistance


A level 30 20/0/10 Thyla will serve you well. Even in Gyro and Shores.

Does a lot of damage to Maxim, Diplo, Tryko, Raja and Lux.

And his swap in distraction often helps me to tank Rampages of Thor, Mortem or Tenonto.

And it is good to surprise your enemy. Everybody is so used to play against the same dinos over and over again (Tyko, Magna…) that they sometimes struggle to predict your move.


Mine is level 29 and giving it a balanced boost, it has been doing great so far against opponents mentioned above. It does well as a last resort

It’s good even if it is not the best. If deliberate prowl works you often take 75% health of 1 or 2 creatures. The advantage is it does not need any damage boosts so you can allocate them somewhere else. Only speed and health boosts. Played well it can take down many meta relevant creatures. It only struggles against monolometrodon, magnapyritor, erlidominus, quetzorion and monolorhino.