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Is Titanoboa good in Aviary?

Just asking because I wanna use it. If you use Titanoboa in aviary or higher, around what level should it be and how should I boost it?

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@MINMI I need assistance.

From what I know, try to make it a bit tanky, and give it a good bit of damage with some speed. Also try to use it when the opponent will likely swap, or is in a situation that it would normally be smart to swap. Levels? The higher the better

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This might be good:

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I’d suggest a tanky build @TJ_TJ (Just like CheeseKing mentioned)

4800+ is the min for aviary I feel as it can tank two solid hits. You’d also want a decent amount of damage on it. You need to kill cunnings in 2 hits max so 1300+ damage is perfect.

Overview of its uses:

Titanoboa is a very strategical non hybrid and has been probably witnessed by many in epic tourneys. It can act as a swap in rampage in a way if used properly, here’s how… When you are faster than the opponent and you know your opponent will swap, swap to titanoboa. The titanoboa will come in and then the opponent will leave like predicted, then titanoboa will do signature on escape rampage and severely kill it or weaken it. It’s second utility is with basically any dodger. If you do resilient Strike + precise rampage that’s a recipe for death to any cunning creature. And of course, if your opponent can’t dodge use deceleration impact instead of resilient strike. As this will both slow it for 2 turns if killed or just simply do more damage. A final note: If you know your titanoboa is going to die next turn don’t use rampage (even if you can kill it) Use Decelerating impact. It will slow it for two turns giving your next creature the most definite speed advantage. Also, if you are curious why you shouldn’t do rampage just to knock it out… well that would cause the incoming creature to kill it (due to Titans slow speed) and could possibly give them a set up.

Anyway that’s my lecture. Hopefully you found it helpful. Want inspiration on your snake? Here’s mine:



Thanks for the advice! Also nice snek :snake:

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Would love to have one of those!

Great job! :clap:

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that’s good snek. I would’ve unlocked spinocon first but I like that 2700 on escape rampage

Boa is pretty good in any arena with the swap meta going on on top of the fact it kills every pure cunning out there and easily can set up many creatures for a swap-in. Like with mags for example, boa can swap out because it’ll be slower, but mags can’t swap out or it dies. Same is true for thor, mortem, or monolometrodon

Nice snake MINMI, I might be adding a teased snake to my team soon lol

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I have unlocked spinocon too :upside_down_face:

Is Spinocon better than Boa (moveset)? The on-escape damage is really attractive.

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Both have different role, spinocons is cunning Fierce (but oof always gets destroyed by almost unique), boa ia resilient it can kill almost all pure cunning.

Working on other snake.

Love this creatures.