Is today’s buff trial bugged?

It says in the trial description use a creature with group positive moves, yet the highest creature I can select is my 20 entelomoth. Should Thor not be available for selection? I’m sure I’ve been able to select uniques in previous trials…

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Another bug? At this point, I’m not even surprised.


Ikr I think the same thing. It was basically impossible for me, with my best option as 16 keratoporcus

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Yeah I got wiped out so quickly. I’m not sure if it is a “bug” or if this is how it should be

Yea I was really confused as well

Isn’t group positive moves things that buff not just do damage. Like mutual fury RTC and group ferocious?


As in mutual fury? Yeah when you put it like that it makes sense. It’s the first incubator I haven’t been able to beat in months :sob:

Possibly, but the amount of creatures with those moves are limited, and considering this trial is supposed to be easier than the other 2, it was kinda messed up to make it this hard

Although that seems a weird choice when you can only pick 1 creature


Group buffing moves is the restriction. so thor wouldn’t work.


I used my 28 gorgosuchus and it managed it but not so easy as I’d expect. Not an easy one this week.


Yeah you would expect two maybe. I guess people who levelled indo gen 2 will find it a lot easier

Yeah I see where I’ve overlooked it now. Tough one. I’m not levelling anything to beat this tower

Yeah its mostly that the criteria is more limited than it seems. The “buff” is specifically damage buffs. So for example Tuoramolochs group acceleration doesn’t count. Unfortunately my best dino for this was a level 20 Tryo, so I lost.


what were the dinos? my phone’s dead atm, so i can’t check.

Yeah a creature with a “Buff” is required my lvl 21 tryo managed it with ease.

Used my 21 kera, it’s not bugged, mutual fury was my way , indo g2 possibly would do it ?

Yeah I know several others with the same out come with tryo , the bracho crit

Bracho, woollyrhino,concaventator