Is today’s buff trial bugged?

Did it with 28 Tryo. Strike, Strike(lower Tryo can use Rampage) Rhino dead, RTC, DSR Bracio dead, refresh, DSR Concave dead.

Use that refresh. Healing is boosted after RTC.

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Level 24 unboosted Tryo beat it without and issue. They can’t all be easy or there’s no point

Yeah I understand that. I just wanted the coins, considering we haven’t had a coin sale since July Ludia…

Yeah brachi crit, but I lived. Then they swapped to Concavenator and I got killed by the counter :expressionless:

Very tough this week. I put out My unboosted lvl 25 indo G2 and got slaughtered.
Been a while since I’ve lost one of these :frowning:

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I lost 700 tickets trying to win the epic assault and failed, as my tallest creature was the Indoraptor Gen 2, Ludia evidence that is not accessible to everyone.

It’s a trial, it’s supposed to be hard


It’s not meant to be free.

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I do not claim that it is free, only that it is accessible to the majority, the DNA they gave was not of great importance, the only thing I needed were the coins.

Accessibility is relative. The hardest strike towers are always inaccessible to lower level players. But I do think this one was a bit harder than they labeled it, if only because most players don’t have a group buff creature at a high enough level.

I used tryostronix and beat it quite easy


Easy if you have tryostronix

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Tryostronix did it easily, mine has a lot of boosts though as it’s my Mortem killer. Speaking to others who lost I do feel it was a harsh one, not many have a high level/boosted Tryo and there aren’t many other dinos with the moves to do the job.


You guys have it in range?

Got wiped out by the second creature, will not be wasting my bucks for this tower.

I accidentally clicked it again today thinking it was a new strike tower. 200 buck down the drain :frowning:

I used keratoporcus level 21 , prior to 2.0 he was my go to indo destroyer & anti prorat menace that’s why he’s levelled so high , now he sits on the bench occasionally used in a raid

The arguably best Lux strat uses Porcus

I tried it twice. Used level 30 Indoraptor 2, then 25 Entelomoth. Got destroyed twice, wasted 200 bucks. Both times I could kill only 1 creature.

Seems like a high level Tryostronix is the only thing that can beat it. If you don’t have one, I advice not to try (except for the free first try).

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