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Is today’s buff trial bugged?

I got it with a level 18 unboosted one. Just the AI became an idiot.

Mine is also 18, but I ain’t paying 500 bucks to try again and still risk losing

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Ya I got really lucky.

I think I used 2 mutual fury’s 1 after woolly decelerated me, then a second between the bracho & carno , got left with 600 ish health

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did it with level 23 Tronyx.

Not so difficult.

What else have players done it with asides tryo & kera, I thought indo g2 had a shout at doing or someone did it ?

The problem is that every creature has a resilient move, so unless indo is very high level and/ or boosted heavily, its not a good contender.

Fair dues, I was going to attempt it with indo, glad I didn’t.

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I used my unboosted level 30 Indo2. Waste of time. Maybe if you use MF and AI goes total dumb mode it could work, but didn’t for me. Already wasted 200 bucks, not paying 500 to try again

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I got thrashed because all of my highest buff creatures were weak to resilient. Seriously detest those moves.

I beat this tower at nearly full health with an unboosted level 24 Tryo. You have to look at what you’re fighting and how it will come at you, you cant just pick a dino you like every time and overpower these things, that’s the point.

Used a 23 indom g2; easy