Is too boring doring the same dungeon allways

All unloked returns to dungeos shoud have a timer for a free run like the first one. Repeat the same dungeon always is no fun and pay gold for a run dont wort the price . sorry for my english i am spanish)

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I have to agree that running your characters up to level 3 or 4 isn’t too bad, but then the progression starts to feel like it’s VERY steep. Slogging through levels 4, 5, 6 have been pretty hard so far. I keep having to re-run dungeons repeatedly for small XP gains, and small Gold handouts.

It’s problematic when you have to spend gold to both upgrade your gear, and then upgrade your character level. Suddenly I’ve saved up 175GP for an item upgrade that kicks me to level 5…now I have to save up another 175GP to go from character level 4 to 5. It just seems rough.

The rule of thumb should be that it should take the number of character levels in dungeons to collect enough XP/Gold/Loot to move up to the next level.

So, for each character, going from level 4 to level 5 should only take 4-6 dungeons runs. Of course you have to multiply that across 4 (or more) characters. Along the way you run PvP, collect chests and get gear progression. By the time you get a couple of characters up to the next level, you should be progressing in the regular dungeon line and in PvP so you’re seeing something new and different.