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Is trago better than stego now?


It seems with the health buff and attack buff trago is quite strong. Im wondering if I should replace my stego with trago (high dmg, faster than tryko/thor/tenonto, high armor, inv, stun…)

Just seems stegos loss of apr and the intro of chompers faster than stego makes trago the better tank.


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Did your Stegod just crushed by some critical attack I-raptor?:thinking:


Yes :frowning: was slippery as an eel too - I couldn’t hit that thing!

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Good question, thinking about the same these days. The gap between the two has been reduced a lot, but i think it depends on which matchup you suffer more…a higher level stego can kill a spinota in two hits with thago+rampage .thago fits better also against instant charge dinos and maybe dilorach/dilorano…trago has only ss…don’t know…of you have similar level trago and stegod you could test them out switching one for the other…
Don’t know of stegod is the best tank anymore…maybe Dioraja??

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I run both and they both still have their uses. Stegod is more hp tank with straightforward slow and kill mentality.

Trago is way more versatile, has speed stun shield and way more options to play against. Personally I will continue to run both but Inprefer Trago because of the variety he gives to the team.

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I think they are evenly powerfull tanks


I have both on my team too and both have helped alot going from Arena to arena…

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Giga is now better then stegod and trago still very very good


I have problems fighting trago sometimes.

I NEVER have problems fighting Stegod since 1.5, but my experience has just been the level 26 friendly matches amd not the broken arena.


My Tragod(level 21) killed Stegod(level 21-24) almost every time I encountered one. That being said, my Tragod was full health, ready to get the shield.

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They both bleed so not that much difference. Stego has the higher health pool to withstand crits. Trago’s speed helps a lot in many situations. I think you still need both.

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