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Is trago still useable


Considering levelling mine up from 17 -21. Only really have one tank on my team now, which is a level 20 stegod. Kind of feel its had its time with all the chompers and bleeders. Stegod used to carry me, however it was abit OP lol. Any thoughts?

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Yes… even more so than before IMO

It’s still the fastest tank out there, and it really didn’t lose much in the meta change beyond the universal change to SS.

Back when stegod had APR, it blew tragod out of the water as the “must-have” tank. Now they are much more competitive to each other

If you’re going the “classic” tank, I don’t think you really need to look farther than either of these two.

Tragod will outspeed all* of the chompers, while stegod only outspeeds a couple.


I think she‘s very annoying and can turn the match against raptors or slower tanks. She‘s also pretty fast, can stun, has rampage and invincibility.

Well used, she definitely is a strong dinosaur and I lost many battles against high lvl ones.

But mostly, my strategy is to slow her down and swap to a shield breaker or bleeder.
Opponent‘s tend to swap out when the dino bleeds out so it‘s a gamble when I decide to use another hit or swap out too.

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Really, how so? I mean it’s speed and counter are good useful.

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But I won‘t lvl her up. I don‘t know, the battles with her are often very long and more like hit against hit and I prefer fast battles.
I‘m very happy with my almost lvl 20 Stegodeus now and my Tryostronix.

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Ah ok thanks. :+1:t2:


Don‘t forget Invincibility and 75% stun, also she‘s got rampage.


Trago got substantially better thanks to its speed, apr going away in stego, and the ss change (no longer cleanses slow). Plus that increased health and dmg. Better than ever. Agree with @hersh here. Not to mention you still do great vs tryostronix if a level up, or you win a speed tie. And not outsped by tryko, tenonto, thor. Etc - also as @hersh said.

Trago is either faster and puttin on the hurt, or slower and stun/ss/rampage/invincible you - you get 1 turn to stop him from starting again.

Hes a much better tank than stego imo.


Ok thanks guys. Much appreciated.

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I agree with him being better then stego and kinda regret leaving mine back at 16… l4 is not a local i get to often these days so my para dna is always my limiting factor and i decided a while ago my para is going toward touro and i refuse to revert course just yet.

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Just been on holiday, of course they had a para event :man_facepalming:t2::joy:

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As Hersh and Wrothgar mentioned, Trago is better than ever. Damage buff since 1.5 and now more competitive with stegodeus. Also 1.5 has risen the use of indominus rex in 3500 and above range which resulted in many players leveling indom rex above lvl 20. My trago always wins against indom rex. I will keep leveling mine as high as possible. Cheers


Stego-god is dead, long live Trago-god!


Trago hater here. It slows down the game so much.

My over leveled Stego still pulls her weight.

Although a trago level 25, ripped me a new one this week.


I will always have a spot on my team for Trago…shes always helped me win… :slight_smile:

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You wanna talk about slow games …
haha, remember how tedious this guy was circa 1.2 :sweat_smile::man_facepalming:t4::sob:


Oh no, he’s the worst.


Trago is still a very good tank. It can beat allo and thor if they don’t crit. Against tento it depends on how you and your opponent play. Having good speed is very important. It doesn’t kill tryostronix at equal level but can bring it to a low hp for the next dino to setup.


It all depends on level. I only have Tragodistis at level 16 but my Stegodeus is 19. At the moment Trago is not worth my time. If I get the opportunity to level up comparably that would change.

I’m not a fan of tanks though. Boring matches. I’d rather speed and damage output.


Since 1.5 I don’t have any tanks in team coz I think don’t need tanks anymore atm