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Is trex good with speed boost?

Just asking plz answer

In the epic and below tournaments i faced a 142 speed rex. Got wrex by it lol

wow so its pretty good

It’s a relative question, really depends which arena you are in and what creatures you usually meet. I have met a 142 speed trex in library before, just happens my fastest dinos were not drawn, and it wreak havoc on my team.

oh ok but it takes a long time to boost it up tho

Yea would imagine its just better to spread out the speed boosts, unless of course you have loads of boosts to spare.

true very true

Think about it like this.

You max boost your TRex and it gets to 142 speed.

You can beat that speed with every other Dino in the game so you’ll reach the point that your max boosted TRex is out speeded by Erlidom, Yoshi, etc… and worthless!

20 speed boosts wasted!

Or you do it, have some fun on the way and play it your way!

It’s all good.

true my procerathomimus is 148 boost

I probably wouldn’t invest in it for your main arena team. But for tourneys it could be a good investment

true I NEED to boost stegodeus

I’d go for Max damage and have the other 10 be health, not sure about a max speed rex but you can ask IDGT, he has a rex with T20 Speed.

I mean we can ask him