Is Tryko a pipe dream?

My Akyntro is pretty close to a 20 after the Anky event this weekend, but my Rexy is still at a 15. With Rexy being practically non-existent in the wild I’m thinking Tryko may not be a possibility for me. Anyone else have this feeling after the update?

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Ouch, 15? That’s a long road you’re traveling lol.
Tryko is amazing, but I wouldn’t prioritize her if it means neglecting Indom and Indoraptor.

I’ve got Irex at 20 and pushing all that DNA into Indor, which should be 23 after this week thanks to left over raptor scents. I just remember people talking about Tryko not being that great before the update, so I didn’t know when to start leveling Rex and that wasn’t a priority to me. Now I need to figure out when to stop leveling Indor to focus on Tryk. With my luck I’ll get it created right before the next update and they’ll nerf it or something. :rofl:

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Hmmm, well if you have your Indoraptor at higher than base-level, it may be time to start Tryko. It all depends on where you are in the Arena I guess. Will your Indo at 23 hold up for you and your team while you work on Tryko, and will a fresh Tryko help you enough once you create it. I don’t see the move set on Tryko being nerfed, maybe the damage slightly or counter back to .25… but I think she’s safe for a while.

I just got indor to lv23 and tbh I am leaving it there. Facing a lv24 and 25 indor hasn’t made me desperately want to level it up asap, but facing lv22 and 23 trykos, especially when you don’t have a counter to it, has just made me say: “I need this dino…:drooling_face:

I don’t know if I’ve seen any Rexes any since 1.5, but I’ve definitely seen a lot more Gen 2s.

Maybe there’s a Rex nest somewhere that we just need to discover. :rofl:

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That’s what I’m thinking. Probably going to start the grind to get rexy to 20 and see what happens

If someone knows of one please let us in on the secret! I don’t know how some people have Tryko up so high already. I saw someone with a 27 there other day. I can’t even imagine how long that took!

I actually faced one the other day. I thought it would sweep my team, but I actually ended up winning. I think people put too much into it thinking it’ll be this “beat all” but it’s really just a crutch for unskilled players. Someone who knows what they’re doing can easily counter it.


I think leveling up dinos you can find and easily upgrade is more important. After I hit over 6000 DNA on anky a month ago, I realized I will never be able to create it due to the lack of kentro DNA, and by the time I can do it, it might be nerfed and it will be very underwhelming compared to my other dinos on the team.

After the first tournament, I got to 4700 without indoraptor, and by the time I unlocked indo, it doesn’t seem that powerful at level 21 with my level 24 stegod and tragod.

So unlocking a good dino that is hard for you to level is not a good strategy, but knowing how to counter them is very important.


Totally on point dude!
An over leveled legendary is better than a unique I can’t make.

@Piere87 I desperately need Rex also!
Haven’t seen a wild one in weeks :-1:t4::-1:t4:

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I also feel like Kentro is sparse. It’s a difficult unique to make since it’s ingredients are 3 epics. At least with others you can get away with fusing rare and common dinos with only one epic. Where do people find all these? :rofl:

Outside of events, I have no idea. Unless they just hunt for hours on end. Even buying incubators doesn’t guarantee anything. It really blows my mind. I was able to do almost 4 hours of hunting last week trying to fill all my Kapro attempts. I didn’t even see another epic in the wild the whole time. And I was crossing several different zones.

So this bad lad is equal to about $40 USDimage
If you’re lucky and end up getting all Rex (unlikely)…
that’s still only 1 full tryko fuse (assuming you have enough ankyntro)

To get a tryko from 0 to 250, averaging 20DNA/fuse would require purchasing 9* of these (equal to $333 USD) seeing how their spawn has been nerfed…

lol… no way that’s happening Ludia.
Bring the spawns back

*Max purchase 3/ customer


Which is a shame for people like me in the mid-arenas. I know I’m not going to be top 500 any time soon, but my first goal has always been to collect them all. And that doesn’t seem like an option after the spawn nerf. I agree, unleash the Trex!


Its a great feeling when your tryko reads an opponent indorap like a book! Even when you are way underlevlled


Nice @roshansoma. How much grinding did that take to get? I’m assuming it was mostly before 1.5?

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I recognize those teeth! :t_rex::grimacing:

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This makes me want it event more!! :sob::sob:

I unlocked indominous. But kept my Trex going. He is level 19 now.