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Is Tryko still Good?

Just wondering- my team needs a versatile card and Tryko seems like the perfect choice, are there any better options and is Tryko weak in this meta?

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I mean… yeah… but not really. It will still have favorable match ups and even win you games but it is currently outclassed by too much to be a staple in an end game team

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Yes tryko is still good in aviary, libary and thats really it for tryko

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It’s good but people are dropping it fast and depending what they do with it in the update it may or may not be dropped more .

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Not as long as swap in stunning strike exists.

Not weak, but as stated above, outclassed by a lot of dinos.

Scorpius 3 in particular destroys her, even at base level against a max boosted lv30 Tryko (with the right swap in timing for that match up).