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Is Tuoramoloch fine in pvp?

I’m trying to get Touramoloch, and I wanna know if it is only useful in raids, or still good in pvp.

There are better things, but it does not go so bad, it can counteract the cunning well and without problems but there are other less expensive options that are fine.

Tuora she is a creature of raids, for in pvp it is not her specialty, but she does not do it badly

Well if you have an ultra boosted high level one yeah it’s good at finishing things like magna and monolometrodon off and it does good vs stuff that doesn’t do a lot of damage

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Ok, thank you!

i run it and it does kill monos of equal level. It’ll always do damage though.

The trouble I have with it, is when it’s against creatures with a lot of armor and shields, such as Mammolania and Diorajasaur.

Everything else, if it can’t kill it, it’ll put it in a really bad spot.


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