Is utarinex even worth unlocking?

I’ve looked at its tier on the tier list and it’s in apex middle, below vexus. Is utahrhinex even worth unlocking and putting on my team? I face a lot of thors in the arena, and I think @Thylo_75 said it counters thor, although @Starlinger27 said vexus is better, and it seems to be.

  • Unlock rinex and put him on team
  • Leave rinex in the dust and focus on better uniques

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I forgot how to build a poll

Edit: fixed it

yeah it needs a ton of boosts to be good now


Yes it does be Thor…but

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Dilorach is just the better version of it, faster, better speed control two rampages one which is a stun and has roughly the same attack just like 100 less and although it has more health it’s speed and no immunities really hurts it

Especially when so many things can distract its best to have something to help against that

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I think Utasinoraptor is better than Utarinex.

Neither is end game.


Ya that’s true you kinda don’t really gain anything from rinex except and run in exchange for Crit impact but that’s about it it’s just better to use it than rinex


Also ps it’s spelled utarinex

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I’ve recently removed rinex from my team (for Gemini) and had removed Dilorach a few months back for Quetz. In 5500+ trophies Rinex I found to be more useful and a bit more common. Dilo has a glaring weakness that anything that can slow it, will basically always win, especially if its immune. Rinex can at least instant charge to counter a 1 turn slow. The turn 1 impact vs strike for rinex is also a big plus.

Overall, I’d say unlock it, but don’t level it up.


I mean you also gain 750 health but loose 100 attack and 15% armor and one speed point


Fixed the spelling mistake

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The problem for me is while instant charge is good it also like Dilorach can be slowed and while you get that bit one instant damage it’s not much and sometimes can cost you if it fails. And while yes I rather it have impact instead of strike it also has double rampage which I find way more useful that instant charge since you can kill it or hurt and then run either into a Swap in creature or a fresh one and basically get the advantage

But one thing I will admit it rinex is also no push over although it as never tyrant like rach it’s was a monster back in the day especially with distracting rampage before that move got nerfed

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The double rampage is nice, but you’re relying on being able to get it off and for stun to work. If dilora is either outsped or slowed, it can’t get off its rampages. This happened all too often for me, which is why I dropped it before dropping Rinex. For reference, my dilora was 29 at the time, rinex was 28. With the current immune meta, they both under-perform severely. Give rinex 15% armor and maybe swap in headbutt, Dilora a move which distracts and slows 1 turn, null impact, and/or swap in/on escape distract or something similar, and give them both immune to swap prevention. This won’t make them Tyrants but they’d certainly be more viable.


Actually dilorach was tyrant for a bit idk about rinex

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They both were at one point I’m fairly certain. Once the immune meta was introduced, they both fell. Also, a lot of similar dinos received buffs a few patches ago, erlidom’s attack and HP went up, magna received an hp buff, indoraptor got 2 immunes, spyx got immune to slow, rinex and dilora didn’t get anything (not recently at least)


I like the idea of swap in head but and 15% armor that would help a bit

Actually did a poll and the community agreed to give it superior Nullification, 50 extra attack, and 50 extra health


If only refund gave all 100 boosts back… I’d be testing so many diverse dinos…


Swap in definite headbutt


Okay I checked rinex has been tyrant for three patches while dilorach was for five until the release of 1.9

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Oops lol my bad

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