Is v.i.p realy worth it

Looking at getting v.i.p but is it realy worth the £8.50

depends on your budget per month for this game.
10 bucks: vip
20 bucks: vip+coins
50 bucks:vip+coins+scents
5000 bucks: incubators to save your valuable time

in addition, if you want to grow faster, you need to find a balance between DNA(scent) and coins, although coin is the constraint for most people.

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I am pushing it with the 10 bucks

You can do a lot with 10 bucks. It’s defi worth it for the 1st month because of the signup bonus. I cancelled after my first month but do miss the extra DNA. One time offers when you level up or enter a new arena are also a great way to get a better deal than the market but be warned that the price just keeps going up and up when you buy them. Come to think of it, just quit while you’re ahead.


this is my team so far without paying a single penny

If you’re only spending enough for vip every month then just get cash from shop because with vip you just get the dna to level up the things you don’t have coins for yet faster, vip doesn’t increase the daily coin limit and it’s already easier to get dna then it is coins without vip.

Depends on how much of a F2P player you are and how fast/how much you want to progress in the game!

If you are ready to put any money in the game, the first priority should be VIP subscription, then one time level up offers (the ones with x4, x5 value).

Below are some reasons to invest in VIP:

  • You get 33% more drone battery which will fetch you 33% more DNA. Unless you are in far remote areas you can get most of the dinos you require by identifying correct zones.
  • Supply drops will give double the coins/darts (though limit is same). This will help you fill in your daily limit faster saving time.
  • One time offers with discounts.

Considering the high price of Incubators, VIP acts like an investment for the tools/means to get more DNA/faster Coins.


See, I felt like I was able to collect a good bit more DNA per incounter with that added drone battery time. I don’t care when darting diplos but for those hard to get epics that I might only see once per week or 2 it was great. The added range is okay while at home, but again with the epic dinos I’ll make sure to be as close as possible anyways so it’s the added time that I miss.

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Thanks for the help i like the idea of exrea drone time i can shoot 100 on an epic on a good day but average about 70 dna and the added 50m of drone area

People just do not tent to think in long term. If you are the extreme guy who hunts 24 hours per day, just ignore what I am saying. The first time incubator is just a small bonus compared with the worthness of vip itself.

  1. coin limit used to be easy to reach, but if you can reach it everyday now without vip, you are a warrior.
  2. just think if you only dart the weekend event dinos, how much more epic DNA would you get?

You wanna spend some money on this game? Just buy vip first. It is simple as it is.

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Only hunt while on travels realy

Then just be F2P.

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I got to level 15 without VIP, but then when I hit 15 I felt like I was finally at a point that I was invested in the game enough that it would probably be worth having. HUGE difference. But, I’m glad I waited that long. It made me work on my shooting craft and making sure I made the best of every shot I had. But now instead of having a max of 10 darts to shoot per dino I get 15.

I’d say the VIP is worth having. I think my DNA average on Velociraptors alone went up 70-80 per raptor

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Not a single post here mentioned the defeat 10 creatures incubators… its much better for vips for 2 reasons…

  1. Guranteed stygi dna… not everyone needs it but it makes this dna alot easier to accumulate.

2 ) the amount of coins you recieve in the large incubator is 1k more then a non vip per day… over the course of a month its like 30k exrra coins vips recieve over non vips…and its 5 dollars worth of coins.

So you can spend 10 dollars on coins and get 50k coins as someone suggested or you can spend 10 bucks on vip get 30k as long as you do your daily defeat 10 creatures and get the additional vip perks.


Think i will just grind it out for abit longer but will get the v.i.p on a later date

It depends how much you hunt. The more hunting you do, the better VIP is. VIP is best at hunting common and rare dinosaurs because they are less likely to escape.

You can also wait for a good weekly event to start VIP. (such as this halloween event and the 15 attempts on anky darting event)

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Whoa, what’s all this then? They’ve upped the ante with VIP perks to include a bump for the daily rewards? I think you may have just sold me on signing back up.

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Its from the defeat 10 creatures incubator… vips get a large incubator with slightly more total dna than an 8 hour incubator…along with the added coins and guranteed stygi dna…

I dont know why Ive never seen ludia push this as a vip perk because just the extra coins alone from this incubator is worth half the cost of vip.


Word. I read someone say they get guaranteed Ankylosaurus DNA from dailys for being in arena 1. They must have also been VIP, which makes more sense now.

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Lol that might have been me… i know at some point it becomes stygi but im not sure what like say the arena 2 incubators are like… cause after you unlock stygi it seems to stay stygi…

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