Is Veteran the same as Leader?

I noticed today that I can make a member in my alliance a Veteran. I am the leader and it still says Leader under my name. So I wonder if veteran is the same thing or is it something new?

Veteran is just a title to say that they are top members of your Alliance.

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So I am still the leader if I make someone a Veteran?

Because I also noticed that I can’t make anyone a leader now, just veteran

There are three options: Veteran, Officer, Co-Leader. Veteran is a status thing only, it gives no additional power to the player. Officers can accept new members and kick members below their own status (so an officer could kick a Veteran or a Member, but not another Officer, Co-Leader, or Leader). Co-Leader can accept and kick anyone besides the leader and can edit the alliance description, assign roles, etc. I’m not sure if there can be more than one Co-Leader. None of these roles can mess with or affect the Leader role. You will not be giving up leadership by conferring these roles to anyone. But don’t give Officer or Co-Leader to anyone you don’t trust.


Oh, okey, thanks a lot!

You can actually have multiple Co-Leaders. My alliance has 3. I am one of them.

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[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.13

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Well done on @Ludia_Developers for adding more leader tools :slight_smile:

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Yeah but it doesn’t monitor activity. I can deny the people who try to join my full alliance.

You can have multiple Co-Leaders. I had my alliance at 1 time.

I am a leader but I can only assign members as only veteran by mean of member profiles. The next thing is: How to assign co leader officer???

Appoint them Veteran. Then you can appoint them Officer. After that you can apppoint them Co-Leader. Its to stop accidentally promoting Veterans to Co-Leaders