Is vip included in the tyrants pass?

And what are the vip ticket things for??

not included. you get 10% more if you have it tho.


No, it is not. I pay fo VIP any do just have the regular pass with useless rewards.
Or well, maybe i was paying for VIP. Really not seeing the benefit anymore…

If Ludia is going to go with Passes, they should do:

Free Pass
VIP Pass
Option 1
Option 2
etc if needed

NOT acknowledging their VIP is very disrespectful. Sure, it’s a small profit Monthly compared to what others may spend daily on their liking in the game. Those same players are also very likely VIP.

Makes no sense and is a poor business - customer relationship decision…What does it hurt to offer your “VIP” Members a little something extra? These are your loyal Monthly customers.

they did the same thing with JWTG excluding VIPs from the premium pass, what’s worse is that in that game vips don’t get anything extra for the pass.

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