Is VIP still there?


I have been VIP since release day 2. I have seen some people posting they are non vip and able to tag from 200m. I hope its a fake but also dont see any information floating around about VIP.


I don’t have VIP, so I cannot dart creatures that are more than 150 meters away. Getting VIP access is the only legitimate way of darting creatures between 150-200 meters away, and I know of several players on the forum who have VIP access.

I haven’t read any posts recently regarding this sort of topic—but if a player is spoofing and manipulating the in-game GPS, then they can theoretically dart creatures no matter how far away they are. And that’s not fair to anyone–whether they’re VIP or non-VIP.

Hope this helps, and happy hunting!


Paying tends to get negative p2win responses. But anyway :smile:
Vip gets the extra dna. Also double allowance you now get double bonus at supply drops.

At level 13 you can get 5000*30=150000 extra coins a month. Would cost 3000hc

You get more hard cash I heard 50 more. But it’s not in the faq. Would be 50*30=1500hc

So 10 bucks for 45 worth of stuff a month. That’s why I think it’s worth it.


I wish it was $5, I’m eating rammen to live atm I can spend $5 but not $10