Is VIP worth it?


I just hit level 11 and I have yet to go VIP. I know I can get a lot more dna from park events, but I’m already ruining out of gold as it is.

I know VIP gets double gold from supply drops, but does it even raise the daily max?

So… VIP is it worth the $$?

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It does not. So as long as you’re hitting the daily limits, vip only tempts you to buy coins by giving you more dna you can’t use.


Sadly coin daily limits are the same but you do get double from each drop so its less of a grind to hit it every day. I was VIP then cancelled but had it back within 24 hours. The extra range is of little benefit but I do find the extra battery useful. I worked out the cost per day and decided it was worth it.

You get a free epic incubator the first time you join so I would try it for a month; then cancel and see if you miss it.


Think not