Is Wuerhosaurus or Thagomizer broken?


In the last battles I’ve played, I used thagomizer with my wuerhosaurus and the slowing effect only lasted for 2 turns instead of three. I checked the description for a possible nerf of thagomizer and it still says slow opponent for 3 turns, but the reality is I only got 2. Which is game breaking for poor wuerhosaurus, so Ms. Bacon is back on the bench.

Has this happened to anyone else? Have you noticed it with other dinosaurs who use thagomizer, like Stegosaurus? It’s really annoying and has made my dear Wuerho useless :cry:


Did the opponent use a speed-up move or cleanse ability?


No, not at all, and it didn’t happen once, but many times without opponent cleansing or speeding up. I tried in several matches until finally giving up and replacing her with my brand new amargocephalus.

I also have a stegoceratops but she usually kills the opponent in 2 turns after using thagomizer so I didn’t have a chance to check if her thagomizer is broken too


Could be a false discription of the skill. I believe thagomizer is only for two turns. I know that some of the longnecks have a false skill discription on the cooldown of a skill


It’s always been for three turns before last update, though. Can someone confirm if this is happening to them too? :sob:


about 25% of the abilities in the game have incorrect info. its absolutely disgusting they havent fixed them yet. i reported bugs for many of them and i get stupid replies back from support saying there is nothing wrong and im mistaken.


Yes, I know this happens and it’s annoying, but it’s not what’s happening to me. As I said, a week ago Thagomized worked fine and the slowing effect lasted for 3 turns as the description said. Now, the description says exactly the same but the slowing only lasts 2 turns :sob:


They been screwing up abilities big time recently. Decelerating impact used to list 4cd now says 1cd even though it’s still 4. Not sure how they are managing to screw all the tooltips up but its annoying. Distracting rampage is bugged to have distracting impact name and tooltip. Instant invincibility never ordered a delay but has one and now long protection doesnt list its delay on tooltip but still has one


I don’t really know much about tooltips because my game is in spanish. Many ability descriptions are wrong in the spanish version but they are right in the english version. I’m used to that. I repeat, this isn’t what’s happening here.

Forget about the tooltips for a second. Last week, whenever I used Thagomizer, the opponent would remain slowed down for 3 turns. Now, when I use it, it lasts for 2 turns. The ability effect has changed :sob: