Is your alliance considering building a level 20 Sanctuary for the first time? Come chat with us

ARK is looking for a few alliances to mentor and guide into their first level 20 sanctuary for ARK FOUR. While we are looking for alliances new to the shared sanctuary world, we will also accept open minded seasoned alliances who are looking to reduce the stress of sanctuary management.

No experience is necessary, just a good can do attitude. Don’t worry if your alliance may be ready or not, all that is needed is a desire and want for a level 20 sanctuary from most. We will work with you on the rest and help you get your team ready for prime time. We will provide both the automation tools and high sanctuary points dinos to help get you there quickly and easily on your first try.

ARK has successfully trained several alliances and will always strive to keep it stress-free and fun. DM me or come join me on Discord. Let’s chat!

Note: Discord is required for leads of the sanctuary only. Your alliance is not required to be on Discord.

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