Is your Anky ready?

If the rumors are to be believed, My Anky baby is finally getting a hybrid! :smiley:

Mine is ready, is yours?

I am really hoping its Hybrid is as good or better than Anky already is.


apparently, it will be an epic the new hybrid for anky

Makes no difference to me.

I think “is your Doedicurus ready?” would be a better question. Hopefully they don’t let Ankylocodon down with this one.


Rixis counter ?? Tanker that immune to stun and can destroy armor and Shield ?


I hope they don’t either. I’m stock piling some more Doed DNA.
Hoping to have enough to get the hybrid to at least 20.

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my ankly is 100% ready at level 10, lol.

I’m very curious as to how they’ll handle the designs, both for Ankylodicurus and Andrewtodon. In spite of Ankylodicurus being a superhybrid, I fully expect Andrewtodon to eclipse it based on the ingredients, but hopefully Ludia doesn’t mess it up.

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nope. dont have jack for it. doedic is hard to get for me.

Mine is virtually lvl 30 (actually, lvl 22 with 99k DNA)

I just want a dodo.

And I hope it’s hybrid will be useful

It would be great if they hucie they

Too bad it’s mixed with the armadillo thing :roll_eyes:

What? :joy:

I hope its hybrid won’t be a bigger neusence than ankylocodon already is.


My ankyloco is more then ready @Asta , your baby inspired me to make my own dangerous ankle biter

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I think mine is ready. ive got about 5k dna

im more excited for this hybrid than any other uniques lol

I am a little sad its with Doed. Was hoping for something else. Hopefully it still looks awesome with some new art style.