Isla Chimera Roleplay

This is a new roleplay for everyone to use it takes place on an island called Isla Chimera but your OC can came from Isla Nublar or Isla Sorna (or even all of the Islas from Jurassic World Evolution like Isla Tecano) and here are my OCs for this roleplay.
Name: Naga
Species: Indoboaraptor (Troodoboa + Indoraptor)
Gender: Male
Side: Good
Likes: Adventures and his friends
Dislikes: Anyone who attacks his friends
Name: Blade
Species: Vermonyx (Baryonyx + [TOP SECRET])
Gender: Male
Side: Formally Bad but now Good
Likes: Naga and Razor (his friends)
Dislikes: Any eagle from Past and Future
Name: Razor
Species: Edaphoceviosaurus ([TOP SECRET] + Edaphocevia)
Gender: Male
Side: Formally Bad but now Good
Likes: Food, friends, and sleeping
Dislikes: Being woken up and Blade getting attacked
Here’s a template for you to make your own OCs or this roleplay but there are rules to it

  1. If your OC has a Speculative Animal in it’s genome put them as [TOP SECRET]

  2. Your OC must be a hybrid no Non-Hybrid OCs
    Now here’s the template
    On Isla Chimera there are 3 sides Good, Bad, and Neutral

I have one!
Species:Dodobertosaurus (Dodo + Albertosaurus).
Likes: His Friends And Tacos.
Dislikes: Salads.

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Accepted (10 chars)

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I know!
Name: Hanji
Species: Poukanqi (Poukandactylus + TOP SECRET) actually if you know lots of dinosaurs it’s about obvious
Gender: Female
Side: Neutral
Likes: Flying and pranking others
Dislikes: Razor

Nice accepted

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Ok let’s start

Naga had just woken up from his sleep as the other hybrids were too waking up

Maybe we should take this to discord if you guys have?


I’m sadly not on the Discord

Oh ok
(10 chars)

Little did he know that he was being watched by Hanji, who was perched quietly in the trees above.

Naga was exploring the like usual and also met Drako