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Isla Sorna Expansions

Here’s a roll up of all the new expansions on Isla Sorna.

There are currently a total of 21 new expansions on Isla Sorna and the game now allows you to put down every Jurassic creature in the park at once (It doesn’t matter which island you place them on either, there is currently no creature limit at all).

Also the very last two expansions were not only free; they instantly unlocked with no construction time (Not sure if this was intentional but I’d be curious to hear if any of y’all have the same luck):

There are a total of:

  1. 4x rows of 4x expansions in the back

  2. 1x row of 3x expansions in the front

  3. 1x row of 2x expansions off to the front/left

Here’s a visual overview of what you can unlock right now on Isla Sorna:

And on a side note- can I just say that the art work for the scenery on Isla Sorna is absolutely gorgeous. I love all these coves, islands, bays, and abandoned structures- feels totally immersive. Looking forward to the next expansion!


Thanks for the information, DantheMan. I love the look of the new island as well. It would be cool if we could expand our park further into it. :star_struck:

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My pleasure!! Anything to help the community, even if it’s in a relatively small way.

The new Island is absolutely fantastic, isn’t it?? Couldn’t have even imagined it better myself.

Most definitely. I’m looking forward to the potential for a future expansion. :crossed_fingers:

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now all we need are bucks in packs again and BOOM, game revived

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I agree that it would be nice to see even more bucks, but I’ve actually been making thousands upon thousands of Dino Bucks in the Trade Harbor and in the daily missions lately.

You can definitely tell Ludia is trying us to give more opportunities to make Dino Bucks.

What’s your favorite part about Isla Sorna??

i like the aviary

Oh nice!! Are you talking about this? -

It would be AWESOME if you could go inside of an aviary. I’d love to see that.

I actually put my pterosaurs into their own little separate area of my park just to create my own version of an aviary but that would certainly be much better. I’d love to actually see multiple pterosaurs in the same environment together.

Personally- although this expansion/Jurassic creature limit increase was way up there on my own wishlist of things I wanted to see added, there are still some things I’m really hoping for…

The top few things that I really want to see added are:

  1. Moving guests along the roads in the park (please?)

  2. The ability to see other people’s parks

  3. The ability to trade resources with other players (And/or even just give resources away to other players)

  4. The ability to play my own music through my device while I’m playing the game.

Is there anything else that you want to see added to this game?

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I want a Mapusaurus

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