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Isla Sorna Update

Isla Sorna update is out (on Android at least) (thanks for the heads-up @Ned) and looks pretty amazing! You will get a little story lead-in when opening the update, and then it will take you to the island. First three expansions for coins available immediately. Icon on the screen is used for easy switching between the islands, when you have assets selected, just tap it and it will move it to the other location. Nicely done!




The island also looks like it has a HUGE amount of additional space, so I’ll be curious to see how much of it we actually will be able to expand into. With only 5 additional levels though, my expectation is that past those 5, you will have to pay DBs to expand further. Probably goes without saying, but was able to drop 4 paddocks that were in storage onto the island so it definitely allows for more creatures to be out in your park.


One correction, other players not getting the expansions for coins, so seems to be some differences in whether those are free (coins) or not. I know that when I finished my game levels, I had some unused expansions so perhaps those got carried over to this.

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Love the new island. Easily the best thing to happen to the game in a while.
One problem though, is the normal PvP prize wheel. It’s gone back to only commons (Aquatic one is still fine). This happened with the MODs update at first, so i hope it’s getting back to normal soon.

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OMG, really??!! I love that commons wheel! It had such a high chance of getting a common pack, that I played it a TON to get those packs and earn a ton of LPs which double as a VIP. It also was a HUGE help in getting all the dinos I needed for all these story missions that require x number of specific dinos (especially those level 31+ ones!) Heck, I still have some commons I haven’t hatched out yet from the last time… I’m definitely going to be hitting those PvPs a lot again before they change it back!

Update: Hhm, is the PvP even working?? I tried doing one with some lvl 1 commons and it seems to be stuck on selecting opponents. Frustrating to lose DBs on a PvP refusing to start up.

It worked fine for me

I was able go put all my dinos on the main island and I mean ALL OF THEM.
I hope Ludia has some great ideas where I can spend all those tons of additional coins I’m going to collect from now on and I don’t mean mods.
I now desperately need one or two collecting towers.


Info on new mods:
Regenerate (Legendary) - Heal all hurt allied creatures by 25% of their MAX HP at the beginning of your next turn.

Siphoning Bite (Super Rare) - Heal 50% of damage your creature deals every attack.

Killer Instinct (Super Rare) - Gain 1 action point per defeated creature. Triggers at start of next turn.

Split Wound (Common) - Reduce the HP of all creatures on the enemy team by -15% for the duration of the battle.

As has been the case, these are going to just mean more things for the AI to use against you, with only 1 of the 4 being easily available for coins.


I’m hoping that any further expansion on Isla Sorna isn’t going to require you to spend DB, of course I could be wrong. But given how on Isla Nublar, you could expand using coin. I’m assuming that this will also carry over here.

Also, I really love how the five battle per level give you legendaries and two unique creatures unlocked.

We can assume that the additional 5 park levels will give free (ie coin) expansions. Time will tell what we get after that.

Here are the additional creature unlocks for battle stages:

Level 76 - Indricotherium (legendary cenozoic savannah)

Level 77 - Liopleurodon (legendary aquatic reef)

Level 78 - Plesiosaurus (legendary aquatic surface)

Level 79 - Deinocheirus (tournament herbivore)

Level 80 - Ceratosaurus (tournament carnivore)

It would definitely really benefit newer players like me to have more levels and unlocks like these and not have to wait for events and tournaments to get them!


This is a bit of wild theory guessing. But given how two of those creatures unlocked (Indricotherium and Ceratosaurus) both have hybrids, that possible in the future, the other three creatures could also be used for new hybrids in the future.

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Earning any experience points (just place a decoration) if you are already maxed will immediately unlock level 76.

@Sharpestedge_15g - interesting theory, makes sense to me!

Also, going back to your thoughts on new expansions for Isla Sorna. Given how on Island Nublar you would still level up long after you’ve unlocked all expansions for the island. It might be that the expansions for those levels carry over to Isla Sorna.
You got to remember that when the game came out, your max level was… 50? Correct me if I’m wrong, but was lower than 75 or 80 now.

Just got word on another negative change by Ludia, to suck us dry… no more custom trades for DBs. Will need someone to confirm that. Some people have mentioned only having ONE custom trade now as well. Clearly Ludia using this really cool update to drop LOTS of these horrible changes on us, hoping that island will placate people from up and quitting.

I think I heard it was 50 originally, yes. And whether those expansions will carry over, well that sure would be nice, we’ll just have to wait and see I guess.

I did try another PvP and it worked this time. Common wheel back again! I hope I can get a few packs off it before they take it away again. Although with all these other un-improvements to the game, I am not feeling too positive about it right now. I had only just reached the point where I was having to store some dinos so the island, while cool, is not as big a deal to me as all the ways they are reducing the enjoyment of the game in far more impactful ways.

I got the first three expansions for for coins

More info on park size from players that have a bottomless supply of DBs (wonder who those are?!)

“There are 20 expansions of the new park that we can currently do. The first 9 all cost coin, the rest take dinobucks (just 200), but speeding each subsequent expansion up costs more and more bucks, up to 1100+”

So apparently if you speed up the first 3 you will be able to get additional ones, up to 9 available for coins ( I assume you can get more as you finish the new levels). So does sound like the previous expansions we earned did carry over.

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Someone that had finished the story missions posted the new ones… include opening an expansion on Isla Sorna and moving something from Isla Nublar to Isla Sorna. Nice!

Whilst i was hoping for some new dinos (one day Cryolophosaurus will get some love somewhere), the last two unlocks are great. Specially Cerato has a shiny hybrid, wich is really helpful for newer players.

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@Ned why does the MOD’s PvP Aquatic has the exact same prize wheel like the Land vs. Cenozoic MOD PvP? Bug or feature? Coz it doesn’t really make sense to me, Aquatic prizes should be Aquatic related.

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Isla Sorna has a bunch of old buildings all over it. They need to be useful for something eventually.