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Isla Sorna Update

TBH that’s what i land on 98% of the time. Even before the update.


Correct, what I wanted to say is that it is unacceptable to make an event significant harder without giving anything in return.

Today I struck lottery and became the 2%. Actually got the 1,000 card. Simply unbelievable! :roll_eyes:
(Tommi, believe me, I’m 98% the rest of the time. I rejoice if I get 850.)


I’m definitely going to be skipping it. Not enough points to be worth falling behind in the tournament for me.

Quick question, why isn’t there an expansion sign in this area? Can’t i expand that way, or do i have to unlock it?

I believe there are more planned expansions if you look at the size of the island and what we can physically see now I believe they are going to have chunks released (maybe in future 5 level increments). Or at least that is what I am hoping. It looks like only 30-40% of the new island is visible right now and potentially not all of it will be unlocked in the first wave.


Also, you still need to fully level up to the new level 80 to get all the possible expansions on the new island. Just like before, the expansions unlock as you level up, they aren’t all immediately available. It’s possible you might not be able to expand any further until you complete the original 75 levels.

I think he is referring to the fact it shows on his map he can expand up or down but not to the side which looks like a canned spot that should be able to expand. My guess is it will be for future releases.

It’s hard to know for sure though since he’s only level 71. I’ve been running into the same thing where most of the island I can’t even expand with DBs, until I level up again (I’m only up to level 77 so far). It seems to work a bit differently than the original island as I’ve been getting multiple coin expansions for each new level, and those are the only ones available to me.

Why can’t we trade stuff for bucks anymore???

There’s a number of other threads on here discussing the issue.

Some more mission updates from people on the FB group. There’s apparently a fair amount of them added, guessing maybe 30 or more. This one is particularly evil if you are someone like me that doesn’t like to level stuff up very fast:

Another one involves evolving 20 creatures.

And that may be where I stop for awhile

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The evolving one wasn’t easy, neither was the one you posted… But so far the ones with the Mods (especially the Legendary ones) have been the only upsetting new missions for me.

I’m definitely saving all these commons I haven’t leveled up yet for that one… but the I-Rex is for sure going to stop me for a LONG time when I get to it, so won’t be in any big rush to get there. And yes, I’m not happy about the legendary mod stuff either. Also not doing that until I really have a good reason to use one of the very few that I have.

So the indoraptor has to be at level 11? (Not 12, not 13, not 14, etc.)
When I eventually get to this mission, I would need to do an 11 indoraptor anyway, since we can’t have more than twelve of any single dino. Would’ve preferred to keep two indo rexes at 30, suits my game better, but whatever. I’ll just do another one and enjoy watching her baaadazzz feeding frenzy!!!

That’s a good question, usually they just mean at least level 11, but you’re right, it’s definitely not very clear.

@DinoStan, you have 12 indoraptors at level 10? Am I interpreting that correctly? I’m guessing that’s your favorite dino? Haha!

No, I’m currently at nine of these indoraptors, foolishly leveled up to 20 earlier on, but wised up after battle difficulty started going crazy. What I meant was, eventually, when that abovementioned mission comes about, it’ll be time for me to make room for the next indoraptors. I actually like the looks of the indominus Rex way better than the indoraptor. But since the game has s-dna, and the velociraptor type is always ongoing, you just pick up one whenever you hit 2,000. Ditto the other superhybrids. Sionsith (Chris) might actually be ahead of me on the indoraptor-count.

At ten and will have another in about 1100 SDNA