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Island of Dr. Murro fix all idea. (long winded)


I’m listening to all of the complaints and I think I have a suggestion for Lydia.

Here is the idea:

Give us an island or islands where we can either walk around a fictional space or be driven on a tour. Make the Dino’s from all zones spawn thier but limited times per day. Maybe use all five of the merits islands. Give limited supply drops .

Later this base. Or these island could become strong hold settings for guild/team battles.

Team battles :

The invading team could come onto the island and see the other teams online Dino (pick a generic one from a list) and directly battle that player.

The home team would see the invading teams random avatar online Dino and ingage .

During the battles random arena exclusive spawns could be done to encourage participation.

The issues fixed

Lock the spoofers into this island exclusively.
Allows for "I have no Dino’s around " group to go where there are Dino’s.
By making it semi sparkly populated you wouldn’t break the game by flooding. But would allow the I need this Dino DNA to be gotten.

No worries about GPS not working while on the island as it could be run in slow tour mode.

The battles would besomething new to do with out changing much that already exists.


Sounds spoofy but ok


I was just thinking that in the books

There is an island.
There are hybrid animals.
There is a catastrophic event where the experiments take over.
Lots of carnage.

Figures it fits and was in keeping with established themes especially if the islands muerta were used… Maybe a different one per local zone on rotation.

And maybe it would work to even thing out for every one involved… Except for the initiative hug it would fix alot of the issues surrounding the bugs.

I’m not a programmer but if something like this was introduced maybe it would by time for them to work on bugs.

And in the case of the soldiers you just lock thier account in to the islands. Then they can only hunt there. Mean while every one else has the option of going to “live map mode”

Then they are in a situation to forfiet thier broken rules advantage and the law abiding citizens can catch up.

Conversely on the other side it allows rural and sparsely populated are players to get the DNA variety they are missing.

And by limiting the supply drops. No one is given an advantage while at the same time every one gets an advantage.