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Isn’t there supposed to be an iguandon Strike event

I looked all over the place and don’t see it! Will it show up later?

No it’s out there but really rare.
Mine was 3 miles out.

Oh! Great another one of the miles away Bull

Ludia seriously needs to fix the epic tower availability.


What I don’t get is how unnecessary this crud is. I have six of the same strike towers all in the radius of my vision. And at least 15 empty towers!


Oh no. Not again. :woman_facepalming:

I don’t see it on my map either. I guess I have to go hunting later. :unamused:

Good Work Ludia :man_facepalming:t3:

Its not there in map far away

At least I get the best towers near me… otherwise, I find them on my trip to my park

@J.C can you bring this up with the Devs too please? I’ve got no epic towers on my map. Has Ludia forgotten that some countries are getting worse again such as France? Let’s make distribution of towers better and not force people to walk miles.

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None where I am as well… this has to stop!

I had to go four miles to find one

Exactly The pandemic will only be over when a worldwide vaccine is given out! Until then we still need to stay home! I am in an American hotspot Florida and want to stay home

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The only way to make this right is go back to the every other week epic incubator that suspiciously became a blue that they give out on Saturday. Starting with tomorrow

In my country there is still quarantine and when they gave those incubators I could earn what I lost by not being able to leave, on my radio and the event tower does not even appear on my map, Ludia has a disorder with the events and the number of generation of this

I hope this thread gets their attention and they do something about it! Believe it or not this hasn’t happened allot especially in the last few months! For the most part I was able to get all the strike towers by moving around my home or in my building! But never had to go miles away until now!

Lucky for me i got one in my range, but you should increase the spawn of epic strike in map

I’ve tried 2 different locations today, and nada. no epic strike. even my friend hasn’t found one either.

I was amazed that I only found one in 14 miles on the way home from work. It’s no fun pulling over in a random neighborhood.


I’ve found it. It’s just poorly dispursed