Isn’t this a Glitch?


or am I missing something.

I start battle with Stegoceratops, speed 110
Opponent starts with Stegodeus, speed 107
I go first, use Slowing Impact for -50% speed
They go next with Thiago inertia for -50% speed

Why doe Ategodues go next?




i agree its glitchy when deciding who goes next but if i understand correctly, you said he used thagomizer. deus would have the next move. just like if he used superiority strike.


Yes, Superiority cleanses first, so it removes a Slowing Impact. But they didn’t use Superiority so my Slowing Impact should still be intact.


Yes there is a bug with both Stego using slow. It’s happening to everyone.


isnt this the way its meant to work? if you are faster your slowing move wont give you priority next go. if you use a slowing move as the slower dino then you will get priority next go


the move shouldnt be useless because you are higher hp. that gives the lower hp the upper hand and it makes no sense


No, the issue is that Stegodeus and Stegocera both have a 50% slowing move. If used at the same time, Stegocera SHOULD still be the faster dino as it was 110 vs 107 speed. The bug is that Stegodeus, the slower dino, gets to go first the next turn and that is wrong.


It’s a bug that was many times reported here. But Ludia doesn’t care.