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Isnt 10 bucks a month alot to pay for a pay to win game. I mean they're virtual cards

I’m mean yea. You get perks. But ten bucks a month seems greedy. How do I expect to buy Decent if I join.

It’s way over priced! Especially when they punish you for success. Win a bigger chest wait 16 hours for a chest. My time is worth more than that this is supposed to be FUN, a game.

I get more than $9.99 worth of gems, gold and gear for that VIP subscription. Plus VIP only events and offers.

Yeah… I think it’s crazy as well. Yes, you may get more than your money spent in gems, gold, etc… but that just means they are overpriced as well.

I mean… $50 for early access to a new character plus gear? The FF VII remake is the same price.

$10/month gives me Xbox Access. Dozens of complete games, including some new ones.

Still… it’s your choice on whether to subscribe or not. There are many people who consider that the price is worth it.

I’ve done the math , I get way more gems / gold than if I paid for 9.99 of gems. For me the game is still fun enough for me to pay that much. Yes having VIP has made progressing much easier, as it’s supposed to. Of course I’d like it to be cheaper that’s human nature. Do I think the would get more VIP if it were slightly cheaper, I’d say yes. I say try it for a month, record all the vip bonus’s you acquire and then see if you are not getting your money’s worth. If not cancel … And you cannot compare what you get from Xbox because the player base is way bigger, it would cost a lot more if they only had this games amount of players .

Thr player base isn’t important. Yes, it might be a reason, but it doesn’t change the fact that you actually don’t get much value comparatively.

Now, if you get enough value to pay the VIP cost (and you obviously do), then I’m happy for you!

I’d just rather spend my $10/month differently.

To be quite honest $50 for a remake of a 25 year old game is too much.

I was waiting for someone to bring that up. It was just the first 49.99 game I could think of. I’m sure I could list plenty of others.

Besides… we pay full pop for movie remakes all the time. And some of them aren’t even 25 years old!

What’s the point in making a post like this if all people are gonna do is whine or compare this to an Xbox subscription? Don’t want the 10 bucks a month subscription? Don’t get it, simple as that

I’d have thought that would have been obvious. They’re posting in the hope that either the rate is dropped or that there is a second, lower-cost sub that still allows some improved progression.

For instance, Battle Girls (I think that was the name) has several levels of subs… I think the cheapest is $5.

Because the only way to let a developer know that their pricing structure is ridiculous, is to tell them. This isn’t that hard to suss out.