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Isn't 500 points in 1 tournament a little much?

Doing the math, one of the achievements requires, more or less, for players to win 16 battles in a row in one tournament. Even if that was broken up into increments, that still requires the RNG to work in your favor more often than not, which is a tall ask in and of itself (as of writing this I’ve participated in several tournament battles and at least 6 different times the stuns have not worked costing me quite a few loses), and if you lose even one fight, that now means you have to win even more battles, because the achievement only counts the point you add after your surpass your top score.

If for some reason Ludia, you refuse to lower the requirement to something much more reasonable, could it at least be spread out across multiple tournaments?

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I don’t think that one means what you think it means. I already have that one and the “Collect 1000 or more Alliance Points from 1 Championship” and “Collect 1500 or more Alliance Points from 1 Championship” achievements completed and I’ve barely done more than my takedowns.

If I’m misreading it, then that’s something else that needs to be fixed.

But I don’t think I am.

I think you’re misunderstanding “Alliance Points.” You get 1000 just for finishing your takedowns, plus whatever your starting points were (820 for me because I’m in Gyro). You can complete all the achievements just this weekend.

1 win. 10 losses. I gave up. Managed to complete

Don’t know how I am. The only way to get alliance points is to do ten takedowns and/or win battles, and I already did my 10, and I still didn’t get the achievement.

It just occurred to me that I might not have unlocked it until after I did my ten takedowns on Friday,

That’s probably the issue.

Whoops :sweat_smile: