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Isn't brachiosaurus technically supposed to be in this upcoming event?


I’m currently farming for ardentismaxima so brachiosaurus would’ve been really nice, but why is it not in this upcoming event?

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Cause ludia but if don’t mind since we have had a lot of brachi recently so it fine I if she is not in this event

she may be in some of the incubators. i don’t remember what was in what.

I sure hope so, it wouldn’t make any sense at all.

She is in the Fallen Kingdom incubators.

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More like we had a lot of brachi potential taken away from us :upside_down_face:


Lol okay that’s true but I have like a lot

Sure it’s not much but with the recent maxima event I won’t have to side much to unlock her and I can probably level her up but any extra is always welcome( although what I really kill fo is some Argentinosaurs dna)

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I got a decent amount as well.
living local one helps a bit too.

now if i could only get ardontosaurus to lv 20 for fusing.


You guys need to slide some of that DNA over this way :sweat_smile:


if they ever do epic dna trading, gladly. Without going out and hunting, 2-3 brachi a week usually. (small town) In the summer it was 1-2 a day for me.

Dang, I’m drowning in Kentro DNA here. I don’t have any Rex DNA so it just piles up waiting for potential fuses.

Same here just wish you could trade epics :joy: I be glad to give you half especially that I find them everywhere

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Come to a zone 1 they are everywhere


Funny when brachi was in local 2 there wasn’t nearly enough!

Brachi is in the strike events though so that’s good news I guess.


Lol hey mind lending some of that ardont dna :joy:

They also screwed us out of a week of brachiosaurus in the alliance rewards so we could get a bunch of crap for 5 weeks instead.


Well that’s just rude

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You guys, I’ll gladly take all your spare Brachi off your hands.