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Isn't it enough Ludia?

Ludia😧… why, why,why do you make the game more worse than ever…I was angry , that we have to do more battles to complete an event and we have to use the unlock creature of the weak to be able to complete an event!
But now we have to fight 5 times to complete “claim your teretory” and “monsters of the deep” event… but that’s not the own problem! My opponents are as strong as my best creatures at stage 1…ah…here we go again : spend bucks for cooldown!
The next problem is, that CoT is much harder to unlock and complete and it’s harder to get S-DNA…Ludia stop, it’s enough, what you have done!
I’m as down as my bucks :see_no_evil:


Your team balance is off, this is going to be a problem until you build up your bench of creatures. It will be even more exasperated based on the increased battle amounts per an event Ludia is doing now. I have a thread on ferocity and how it affects your PvE it will probably help describe what is going on and how to address your issue.

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This event is one of the only ones that I have to skip every week (even when it was only three battles).


I do miss being able to get this pack but I’ve gotten used to just letting it go at this point. As soon as I created my Level 40 Pachygalosaurus that was the end of this event for me- then toss in the Level 40 Indoraptor and now there’s no way to get it all done in that timeframe without dumping in way too many bucks to buy back all those cool downs.


I’m not salty about it but I agree with you in that it would be nice if Ludia would adjust this event to make it possible for a wider group of players. This is already a late-in-the week event, so most of an end-game player’s line up is already exhausted.


  1. Ludia could tone down the difficulty of the NPC’s (maybe capping them out at Level 40).

  2. Ludia could drop it back down to three battles to win the event.

  3. Ludia could even let us use Mods (but not the computer) like they did for some battles a few weeks back.

  4. Ludia could add in MASSIVE guaranteed DB rewards to make it worth it to buy back so many creatures to win this event.

As it stands this event gives zero DB’s, so even buying back one cool down timer is sunk cost… And boy, would it cost… It would cost me in upwards of 13000 DB’s to win this event. Like I said- it’s not I’m salty, but I’m also just not participating unless it gets fixed and I can definitely sympathize with other players on this one.


My problem with the game at the moment is, that I do not know if there is any long time strategy.

For years I thought the purpose of the game is to get and evolve as many dinos as possible and I did this for more than two years. At some point events became almost impossible for me to win. I accepted this as long as the ‘exit battle bug’ was active but this was not much fun.
After it was removed I had to make a decision and with help from @Sionsith I decided to sell my lvl 30 Indoraptor and almost all of my stronger lvl 40 hybrids.
From that point on I only failed in one event, the one were Tyrannosaurus played a key role. Tournaments are no problem for me too.
I now have again 5 lvl 10 Indoraptors, a couple of lvl 10 and lvl 20 strong hybrids and many many lvl 40 VIPs.

From time to time I ask myself now what to do.
Leaving everything as it is would be boring.
I could try to make my team stronger at a very low pace, but why should I do this?
Only to see how a lvl 40 Gorgosuchus looks like? I did this for it and many others and it ruined my lineup.
There would be absolutely no benefit for me in events or tournaments in doing so.
Because legendary hybrids have a ridiculous cooldown I would need many of them to stay as competitive as I am at the moment.
Worse would be that all my VIPs, which are still the spine of my team, would become more and more useless.

I absolutely do not understand what the strategy behind all this is. Creating a game with the possibility to collect and evolve dinos and then punish a player who does so.

If I should give an advice to a new player I would tell him to never evolve a VIP beyond lvl 20, never evolve a legendary hybrid beyond lvl 10 or 20 max and, if he wants to hatch an Indoraptor keep it at lvl 1.

But then again the questions remains. What is the purpose of this game?

It can’t be that a relatively new player with a weak lineup compared to an experienced player can have more success in this game at the end.

Apologies for my bumpy English.


No worries, I can totally understand why you’re trying to say.

You raise some very good points here- I definitely feel like (intentional or not) end game players get punished under the current arena system.

Personally I just opt out of a couple events here and there, and give the ones I can win my best shot. But it shouldn’t be that way when I have every Jurassic maxed out.

Ludia used to have all NPC’s maxed out at Level 40 (which I think they really should go back to if they can’t figure out how to make these battles more fair).

Also they can and should cap out cool down times- nothing should be longer than the Tyrannosaurus Rex’s cool down timer; which would make all of the higher end creatures much more attractive for battle purposes.


I do get why they would make the opponents based on the player’s creatures. You don’t want to face commons when you have maxed out legendaries. But the system should average all your dinos, not just the top 1-3


Well, it’s ok if they increase the difficulty once you get stronger, but the algorithm they use is beyond any logic.
It can’t be that some of us don’t risk to hatch an Indoraptor because they are afraid of the consequences.


Yeah I get why they did it- for variety’s sake. Seemed like a good idea at the time until the difficulty of the battles went through the roof. Even the best laid intentions often go awry.

At this point I’d MUCH rather go back to battling the same couple of Jurassics at Level 40 and have them manageable versus being pit against Level 2587 Tropeognathus’-

If Ludia can’t (or just won’t) figure out how to adjust their algorithms to make things more fair then IMHO they should just go back to what actually functioned.

My only real gripe against this game at this point remains the way they punish end game players with these unfair battles.


Very well said. With a few exceptions, this describes my lineup and my predicament almost exactly

My lineup is deep and varied enough that I can easily handle PVE (so far). I’m powerful enough that I can easily finish in Dominator in most tournaments. I’ve also got some 21000 units of Velociraptor s-DNA that I would love to use. The two should not be all but mutually exclusive.



I am new to this forum but have been playing for while. I had no idea, until recently, it was a bad idea to max everything out. Its too late for me now with quite a few vip in land, aqua and cer… over level 30 or even maxed. I had thought the whole point of the game was to collect everything you can and max it all out. Turns out I was completely wrong about that as it appears to make it harder to collect everything. This seems very strange to me. Only downloaded game as a stop gap when waiting for jw alive to come out but ended up preferring this and deleting the other. I still like this game but some things are a little irritating.


Ludia can solve this issue since they have done so with the VIP weekly events, in those events they start out with opponents that are indexed to around where if you used your best creatures you would have a 60% advantage and then they ramp up each battle to where your advantage gets smaller and smaller 50%, 40%, and so on until the last battle is around 10-5% of an advantage to your best creatures still. This effectively allows you to use deeper creatures on your bench. Most of the PvE events are around 3-7% either advantage to you or at a disadvantage, the only issue is now that the events are longer, more battles, this squeezes your line up even more. If they implement the same structure of the VIP event coding to the rest of the PvE events it would bring some much needed relief to players as they increase the battles for each event.


The game should not punish us for having strong dinosaurs. I still haven’t involved most of my lvl20 VIPs or my lvl10 superhybrids.