Isn't today supposed to be a new day?


I can’t catch the event dinos today since I catched them yesterday? Isn’t it supposed to be a new day with new attempts?


Nope, this one and last one was 48 hour event.


If you used all 6 of your attempts you’re done till the next event. I used all mine to get pyroraptor cause I already have trex.


Well… Crap. Thanka for the response hammer.


Welp… There goes my hopes of indominus… Thanks Zao.


What is your problem? You got your chances already, stop whining


Yeah, exactly … plus the timer showed clearly that it’s 6/6 chances with 2 days/48 hours time.



He’s just being a baby and trying to whine his way into getting extra turns. That happens a lot on here.


This thread he seems genuinely confused. But he made another one repeating the same thing but with an attitude. You can’t please anyone unfortunately


Thank you all for the swift replies.