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Issue after update

Since the update i have noticed, and most in my guild conform they have too, that the loading bug has gotten worse, game lag is worse, they are getting kicked from the game with an ‘error 233’ and game reloading message, miss chances are also increased, and proc rates seem to be way off for some abilities.

But hey, at least now we get lots of in game pop ups reminding us that we can buy stuff from the shop…

Anyone else noticing issues after the update?


The error 233 occurs for me as soon as the device is unused for a couple of minutes. This seems to be a new addition, which on its own closes and reopens the app. This of course starts the horrendous pop-up cycle all over again. They need to stop abusing the remaining users. NOW would not be too soon!!!

@Ludia_Developers :rage: :nauseated_face:

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Hey Clancularius and Orloch, I’m very sorry to hear that you and your guildmates are experiencing this error. Could I ask you to email our support team here at with your device information and support key so our team can better track this issue and provide you with some troubleshooting steps as well?


Thanks for your ongoing efforts Ned.

However, after the belittling and useless response I received earlier today from support, I will not be identifying further issues to support. :-1:

When a player identifies a bug without requesting any compensation, I would suggest thanking the players would be a fitting response. Support’s chosen option to instead establish a false narrative while denying the bug (despite contradictory screen shots provided) was injudicious. They seem to have an innate ability to covert a frustrated player into an angry player. This neither helps nor supports anyone.


I wanted to add on to this response. The “support” is completely worthless. They do not respond to any issues they do not want to respond to. Posts here are deleted regularly. Highly censored to hide the utter failure to fix the match-up system. 10 times out of 10 I am overranked. This is not random. Really horrific gameplay to just sit there and have ZERO chance to win a battle. Is it really just sandbagging players and not the system? Or just the devs thinking that being a punching bag will incentivize me to buy gems? Spoiler alert - its doesn’t.

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Agree with all that has been said, proc rates diminished to some items being unusable for PvP 50% proc rate legendary items lucky to proc once in a dungeon instance. Missing 3/4 hits with a rogue. We are asking nicely that the negative changes implemented with the last update PLEASE be rectified and long term players be respected. These problems are affecting game play and should be addressed by Devs.


Yeah I have noticed the exact same thing. The app is not even playable for me at the moment because the loading bug is so bad. All battles have a delay between turns which causes the loading bug and for my heroes to skip turns. I have not been able to fight a regular battle in two weeks.

I reported it a while ago. I got no response until over the weekend when i got a standard ‘we are looking into the crashes, but the game otherwise works as intended.’

I’ve particularly noticed the proc rate issue with move/gain action items. both joppa and naomlen have a 75% proc rate. after the update it is working <50% of the time.

It’s both actually. a bad system that allows and amplifies sandbagging. they need to reduce the weight trophies play in battle matching metric. It is a variable that can be manipulated to advantage.


Once players surmount the Arenas and enter the Leagues, they quickly learn the system not only amplifies sandbagging, the app actually does the sandbagging. The seasonal reset drops all League Players down as many as 2 leagues, and some decrease by thousands of battle trophies.

This forced sandbagging provides no benefit to players, however it is necessary for the rig events in the chosen manner. There are a number of threads describing how Ludia rigs the events so I will not expand upon it further. However, I can confirm recent testing indicates event rigging remain intact. 2 of 5 Event Mode sample battles pitted me (a player currently outside the top 100) against players in the top 15 on the leaderboard. Each of these players currently exceed my Battle Mode trophy count by more than 600 trophies.

Although the developer has long been aware of the ramifications of this system, they remain unwilling to correct it. Unfortunately the fiscal benefits acquired via event rigging have long been offset by the rapid decline in player activity. As such, it appears stop-gap measures have been introduced to keep the app afloat. These include implementing the $5 Quest Pass tax and the recent flurry of ‘limited time offers’ for players to blow $50 on new heroes, most of which are heroes dependent on having leveled Legendary Items to be effective, which most players will never acquire.

Unfortunately, the Ludians have decided to treat WoW players the same as the users who play their more successful children’s line of dinosaur park battle apps. The majority of these players are very different. This miscalculation has amplified these poor decisions which continue to dissatisfy the astute WoW players, while eroding its once significant player base.

It has long been obvious significant leadership change is required for WoW, however, I do not speculate any change is forthcoming, and anticipate the folly and mistreatment will continue …

I agree with Orloch, in game support is useless. Sent them a question about a spellbook last Monday, and finally got a response today that 8ts “working as intended”. Within that 8 DAY response lag, I started the Test of Might paid rounds with one strike already gone. Any guesses on if the responded while the event was still running? This happens every single time I have an event issue. By the time they respond to the event problem, the event is 3-4 days closed. Then you get some stupid childish response about cranium rats stealing your resolve.
I also agree on the new miss rates; this is ridiculously over the top. When my 13-14 characters miss the same level 8 goblin twice 8n a row, that’s not random, that’s design flaws. I for one have stopped with VIP, and wont be purchasing the Warrior Pass again either until the game is playable again.