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Issue: EXP book limit

Othinthal, We Are Misfits

The new limits on the EXP books makes them practically useless for anyone above level 10.

The books count base EXP, diluting their bonus by 33%, and since the EXP is the total of all 4 heroes, it is basically limit to the same gains as an EXP event.

For example, the 50k limit on the 3 day book means that a 9 room run of Lightfinger Estate is 1308 (327x4), and with the book it is 3924 (981x4). That’s just 13 runs of the challenge before the book is spent, something that would take ~2 hrs for anyone run the challenge at appropriate level.

Considering the book cost 800 gems, equivalent of 16,000 gold, and assuming 9 room runs on LFE, at 450 a run that the same as running the challenge 36 times at regular cost, meaning it’s actually more expensive to buy the book than the just run the challenge regularly, and you would gain 3 times as much gear in the process.

Even if you are doing 6 rooms, it would still only take about 3 hrs at most and would still be a net loss on gold exchange and gear, so the book is used up in such a short time frame it feels like a major nerf.

After you pass lvl 15, exp is hard to come by and gear takes a long time to level for exp at that point, so the book was a handy way to try and catch up with more advanced players. Last time the book came around I gained 500k cumulative exp and that made it well worth the effort.

It was the only way I could speed up my progress in any significant manner, where are lvl 16/17, it takes almost a month the gain a level, and that is the main parameter at that point by which you can move up the ranks.

This complaint is a consensus among all the players within my guild family (250 players) and I am sure it’s not popular with anyone else


its garbage now. Bottom line is they do not want people to level up to fast as then they would need to produce more content. It is useless the way it currently is but I don’t see them changing it due to the fact its easier to slow players down than to make new content.


I couldn’t even get triple XP for one run with the 3h book using my lower level characters

@Ludia_Developers seriously guys, you need to fix this, urgently.

Altas of Adventures counts also for capped toon.
See below the result of a single Heartcoil Run with a capped toon (3 hours book finished in one single run).

744 x 3 + 744 × 0 = 2976 (no way), with full time reamining…


Agree…then they should dump them. What were they thinking when they developed suck kind of books?

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The 3 day book is more like a 30 minute book. The fact they count phantom XP for maxed characters is particularly insulting. Thankfully I will max out soon and leave for a game that respects its players.


Dev$ have ab$olutely ruined the book concept with the latest re$triction$, if they wish to have people actually u$ing these item$ they should limit the percentage gained i.e. change it to 100% or double XP for the duration given. I had one run of heartcoil deep$ after purcha$ing a 1 hour book and had it maxed in under 10 minute$. Thi$ i$ a HUGE mistake by the developer$! Please fix this to retain your loyal player$!


Plea$e dev$ li$ten to my friend mithy, thi i$ ab$olutely $uper important!!


Now see, let’s add some fuel for thought here:

1hr book:

3hr book:

3d book:

Notice how the limit from 3d doesn’t follow their own philosophy of “x per hour”? Free entries are 5 tries per hour purchased (5, 15, 360), so, why this one is different? Not sure about if gold (forgot to note), but I’m pretty sure it follows the same pattern, at least for 1hr and 3hr iirc. Why are we missing "22hrs” of xp here, as the correct value for 3d book should be 72k xp instead of 50k?

I would like to say the same thing I said in another topic too: deducting the total amount earned from something you purchased to have a bonus instead of the bonus it provides only (valid for gold and exp books) is wrong and misleading. Please, take a look into that with love.

I’ll be watching this very closely, and I’m sure those who really matters to you are doing the same.


Those who keep the lights up.