Issue Fixed, Thank you Devs!

Issue is fixed! THanks!

Forgot to add my characters are only 17s and 16s, I don’t mind if I’m facing level 20 bots as long as I’m level 20 myself lol.

Ouch, what battle arena are you in or what are your trophies? I generally am getting level 18 bots and I sit in the 3.5k arena

That something I’m scare right now.

I know I could hit at some point during the season 4000 trophy count but once I do I will get level 20 bot that I can’t defeat.

If future tom use my best score I will always face level 20 bot for any tom for the season…

My suggestion to fix this would be for tom use the best of your season minus 200 point for starting point so any player that just hit a threshold for higher league doesn’t get by default the bot fro. that league from the beginning of every ToM

4007 is the highest I’ve reached.

Well I guess I’m screwed then…

I’m sorry for you And you kind of just confirmed that I should stay below 4000 until last week of ranking

@ned can you share that experience to the dev and maybe my suggestion could be a fix ?

Issue is fixed for me, thank you! :slight_smile:

After to you get a level 20 bot and they decrease once you loose one?

No I only faced level 18’s a few hours ago.instead of 3 20’s and 1 19.

@retsamerol does ehcastro3 could mean it not necessarily the highest score of the season that is always used for ToM or that a win doesn’t reset back to initial value?

I don’t understand the question or I’m lacking context. Can you give a little background info about what was happening?

In jarlaxle event he was always getting level 20 bot at first (he had reached the league for over 4000 trophy). But now he is back at 18 level bot so as if he was in the league 3500-3599

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Ah. Tell the truth, I’m not sure.

The reason why I stated that there seems to be a minimum for Test of Might event is because I did a fair amount of testing during the first stage to see if deliberately losing many games had the same effect as before.

My max season trophy count was 3200 or lower. I lost more than 15 games during the first stage. Yet I kept facing 3000 trophy bots multiple times while I was losing.

This lead to my conclusion that there’s a trophy floor. Losing more didn’t make much of a difference.

There’s several potential models that explains this data: (1) Floor is determined by season max, (2) floor is determined by season max league’s lowest trophy, (3) floor is determined by season max minus some arbitrary count of trophies (200-400)?

Based on my account alone, I was unable to distinguish among these three categories.

With the data points from @ehcastro3, I think that the third model for how Test of Might minimum effect trophy count seems most likely to be what’s going on.


Just reached near 3900 trophy still in jarlaxle event and first 2 were win vs bot and now I’m getting 3 level 20 bot with a 19…

Even after a loss it still those bot

Something else I did notice is even after 3 win bot wouldn’t increase like regular PvP

Not sure what is happening right now

I don’t know if it will help but here are my results from finishing Jarlaxe event. For bots I faced straight level 18 teams all the way. I sit in 3,500 trophy league. I don’t like pvp much, so only fill boxes at best. If I had to guess, I probably could hit 4K league if I focused on it, but like grinding challenges best. I didn’t feel like I was getting a bunch of players from the 4K league that I usually see in regular battle after a couple of wins. I did get a few players below 3,500 trophies at some point, but with the difference between battle trophies and the ToM internal count, don’t know what that means.

I never did track to first level where you could lose as much as you want.

In the 3 loss levels, my best win streaks before needing to pay gems were 22 wins/3 losses and 10w/3l. Worst loss streak was 1w/3l