Issue with Alliance Jumpers

Is Ludia going to do anything about alliance jumpers? There are people jumping from alliance to alliance only requesting DNA, then leaving to a different alliance once they fill their DNA request.
This is a form of cheating to advance dinos more quickly than people who play fairly.

Can Ludia limit people to change alliances once a week? Or at least make them spend Dino Bucks to switch alliances?

Never had this issue ( i think) but I don’t want to. Best idea is to report it to ludia

I like the idea! There are alliances out there that support and encourage this. 50 members is the cap and being as there are no rules, it is being taken advantage of big time!

Seems like they’re doing the same in ours. They stick for a while, request common or even rare DNA, get the incubators at the end (even though most of the work is put in by the leader and me) and then leave the alliance. We have 14-15 members and still the daily incubators aren’t really showing much activity, especially when 30 are needed but only 5 or 9 are done by the end of the week.

Now that I think about it, we may have had this problem too.

If their DNA request is getting filled there they shouldn’t leave . lol
Your alliance sounds like a great place if people are sharing DNA over there.
Forget about that weird stuff just be proud your people you do have set a great example.

We stop adding players to our alliance without chatting with them first. No requests sent to our alliance are excepted. We send the invite only after players have communicated with us. We had to many players previously that would come in, ask for irriatator and be offline. They were immediately booted. Many in less than 5 minutes. Especially on mondays. Anyone not in an alliance and requesting to join has most likely been booted. Why else wouldn’t they be in an alliance.

Surely this is down to canny alliance membership… don’t let every Tom, Dick and Harriet in …

I don’t get the problem. So they jump alliances then they request dna then they jump again but are they able to request again in the new alliance?

If they still need to wait the same 3 hours i do then what is your point? They aren’t getting extra dna. I request twice a day are they getting extra? It sounds like they just need to jump through more hoops than you and i for the same amount of dna.

However if they do get to request more than we do from alliance jumping i am there with u. So which is it?