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Issue with counter attack


I believe I have found a developer oversight when it comes to the counter attack. On multiple occasions I have attacked an Amargocephalus that has used its instant invincibility move. When this happens I deal no damage but the Dino will still counter attack. This is annoying because the description for counter attack reads “deal 1X damage when receiving but surviving damage” but shouldn’t it not be able to counter attack since it didn’t receive any damage?


The dinosaur still receives damage. It simply reduces that damage to 0. Therefore a counter. If you use an ability that does no damage. Adrenaline pulse or ready to crush for example then you would not be counter attacked.


I know that non attacking moves don’t get countered but it still irks me that technically speaking it didn’t take damage therefore it shouldn’t be able to counter


It took dmg, it just reduced it to 0 therefor it survived The attack and Will counter attack.


Try fighting an akytrosaurus that pretty much just switches between instant invincibility and instant cripple and beats you up with their counter attack :joy: