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Issue with defeated dragons reappearing

Hi, just wanted to know, has anyone else noticed with Windshear’s event that when you do the level 3000 one that two of the dragons keep reappearing in the battles after you defeat them? Is that supposed to happen or is it a bug? Because it is really frustrating when you’re nearly past the second wave only for one of the dragons to reappear after being defeated and then wipe out your team.

Which dragons are you fighting? There are those that have abilities that bring back previously defeated dragons at a lower health. The Chestnut Knight and Knock-Rocket do this, off the top of my head. I don’t think any others do?

Of course, if this is happening just randomly and they’re not brought back by the use of another dragon’s ability, it would be a bug. You could contact support in-game about this, but if you would rather go the route of email, to contact them would be Whichever way you decide to go, if this is indeed a bug, be sure to include your support key with an explanation of events.

Also, please be aware that support is still under an influx of tickets, and it might take a while before anyone is able to get back to you. :slight_smile: Hope it gets figured out!


The dragons that have been reappearing are 2 Ghastly Zapplejacks and other dragons that are with the Zapplejack are 2 Brooding Boltstamper in both wave 1 and 2. Just wanted to make sure this wasn’t a bug since this reappearing problem hasn’t happened with other healing dragons though those ones were mainly Gronkles.

It’s exactly like @Mysterious assumed, this level contains Knock Rockets (left one of the enemies) who will maybe revive other dragons with their special ability. Kill Knock Rockets first and other fallen foes won’t reappear anymore.
It’s (sadly?) no bug, it’s an ability of enemy dragons, a long tap on Knock Rocket will show you her ability to check that.


Ok, thank you for explaining what was happening. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind with any future battles with these dragons and similar ones. As annoying as it is, glad to know that it’s normal for that to happen.


Pretty useful dragons if you have them in your team though!

Ah, thank you very much @Bee! I’m glad it was so swiftly figured out! :grinning: