Issue with Mammotherium and Megalosuchus boss raids

With creatures such as Diloranosaurus, Skoolasaurus etc., with remove attack increase and add distraction, the ferocity attack doesn’t go away.

In my experience Diloranosaurus’ Cunning Impact does remove the Attack increase from Mammotherium Group Power Strike, I usually use it turn 2 after it uses Bellow. However then third turn Mammotherium uses Definite Power Rampage which again adds an attack increase. When I play with healers other than Dilo we often lose because that first Attack Increase hasn’t been removed. I guess it would be nice to have a move that prevented it from increasing the attack.
Skoolasaurus Group Distraction doesn’t prevent the attack increase either, which is really annoying when Megalo is using a group Ferocity Strike. But I guess the attack is lower than it would be without using it

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