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Issue with matching a character

I have tried to match with Ingrid twice but when I swiped right, nothing happened as if she was unmatchable.
I have not matched with Franz.
Is there a way to fix this issue ?
Thank you

It’s happening to me and a few others I’m on my fourth VIP countdown

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I’m right there with you- I can’t match either of them and my countdown just keeps on resetting :woman_shrugging:t2:

I opened up a chat and all they say is keep trying

I FINALLY just matched with Franz like a minute ago after the third or fourth VIP count down ended.

Hey Sodya, if you haven’t already, could I ask you to send an email to our support team at with your support key? It’d help our team with their investigation.


Having the same issue, another countdown started today.

Mine reset again too :woman_shrugging:t2:

I don’t know if I had a VIP timer when I tried to match with Ingrid… If this issue occurs again I will pay attention at it.
Anyway, I just sent my support key to the support team, hope they can do something…

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I’m on my fifth timer now…

And another timer, yay!!

Same thing with me! I finally got Franz after the 4th try.

I’m on my fifth timer :smirk:

There is a new post in the annoucement section.
I just had a mail about my support request and the support team is aware of an issue with swiping some profiles and timer resetting.

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Thanks, Sodya!